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Which secure messaging app is right for your enterprise in 2022?

Data security is becoming increasingly more important for governments, businesses, and individuals. In particular, large organizations need to use messaging apps that let employees share files and sensitive messages safely.

We compare three messaging tools—Wickr, Signal, and Messagenius—to find out how they perform for businesses in 2022.

A quick disclaimer before we start…

We’ve done our best to make this comparison accurate. However, tech companies update their software regularly, so we can’t guarantee what you see here is 100% correct.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius:
A quick overview

Wickr is a US-based instant messaging app that was bought by Amazon Web Services in 2021. Originally designed for government agencies, the company has offerings for individuals and businesses. Wickr has key security features including end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages. However, the app has allegedly become a go-to platform for exchanging illegal materials.

Signal is a US-based app owned by a non-profit organization. Functioning in a similar way to Whatsapp, it lets users register with their phone number and messages to other Signal users. While Signal has several good chat and security features, such as end-to-end encryption, it’s not designed specifically for business use. Some people have previously accused Signal of being non-compliant with GDPR.

Messagenius is an EU-based secure instant messaging app with its headquarters in Rome, Italy. Like Wickr, it has security innovations that include end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages. It was designed specifically for enterprise use, and offers on-premise hosting plus white label capabilities.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius

Security Features

If you’re looking for a safer alternative to WhatsApp or Slack, modern security features are important. As cybercriminals become increasingly more sophisticated, organizations need to ensure data security.

Let’s see how the apps stack up here.

Data Security

End-to-end Encryption
(scrambles message data)

Perfect forward secrecy
(encryption keys regularly changed)

Allows two-factor authentication

On-premise/private cloud hosting

Available in Wickr’s business offerings


Competitors have previously said Signal is GDPR non-compliant, but it’s not clear that this is true.

Metadata encrypted

Security Features


All three apps offer security features that should be attractive to most enterprises.
However, any data that is on an external company’s server is at risk, even if that risk is very small. In this sense, Signal loses a point for not offering on-premises or private hosting.

While private hosting may not be a concern for individuals, organizations in sectors like healthcare or finance may have strict security requirements. In these situations, on-premises hosting may be the only practical option when choosing an instant messaging app.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius

Ownership and jurisdiction

When you’re selecting a messaging app, it’s worth considering where it’s based and who’s behind it.

Some security professionals have expressed doubts that USA-based companies are ideal for security. This is because the US government has a history of forcing private tech companies to hand over access to private data. In 2021, the FBI controversially forced a Wickr user to open the app using their biometric login data.

Ownership and jurisdiction


Where the client of Messagenius is based


Amazon Web Services
Non-profit organization
Private company

It’s also noteworthy that Wickr has had investment from Blackwater founder Erik Prince, along with a department of the CIA. According to security whistleblower Edward Snowden, the CIA connection means that Wickr may not be secure.

Signal appears uncontroversial, having been founded by two security experts who previously worked for Skype, Twitter, and other well known companies. Signal is funded by various non-profit foundations, along with a government technology fund.

Messagenius offers an on-premises solution, which means that the jurisdiction depends on the location of the client. Messagenius’ clients choose where the server/cloud will be located for the best hosting location and, hence, the jurisdiction.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius

Data Privacy

Privacy has also become a hot topic for organizations and individuals alike. App users want to know that their personal data will not be passed on to anyone—particularly after the revelation that WhatsApp shares user data with Facebook.

So how do the three apps compare?

Data Privacy

Does not collect user data during signup

Some versions of Wickr require an email address.

Signal requires a mobile phone number from the user.

Registration with user name only is possible

Does not send user data to the app provider

mobile number sent to third party for registration and recovery

Messages cannot be read by the app provider

Does not pass on data to third parties

Data Security


All three apps appear to protect the users’ privacy well. Signal is the only one to ask for a user’s phone number upon signup, and other users can see this number in group conversations. Some users have criticized this as a potential privacy risk.

Wickr does appear to ask for an email address during signup when you use its Wickr Pro plan for businesses.

Messagenius offers full data privacy, allowing administrators to create user accounts without an email address or phone number.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius

Secure Messaging Features

For a modern enterprise, secure messaging isn’t just about data encryption—it’s about having total control over who sees every message. All three apps have secure messaging features to enable this.

Secure Messaging Features


Message Stay on your servers

With self-hosted option

With self-hosted option

Anonymous chatting
(chats do not show emails or phone number)

Sender can delete their messages on the recipient’s device

Protected messages
(requiring fingerprint or captcha to open)

Timestamps logged by the provider

Secure Messaging


Signal is well-suited for informal conversations within a group of colleagues. But with its lack of self-destructing messages, it may not be the ideal choice for sending sensitive messages or sharing private files.

In contrast, both Messagenius and Wickr offer self-destructing messages, plus extra security features. The screenshot notification in Wickr means you’ll know if a teammate takes a photo of your chat, which may deter them from doing so.

However, only Messagenius offers protected messages that require a thumbprint to open. In addition, it allows teams to see when messages were sent and seen, improving collaboration in emergency situations.

See Messagenius for yourself

Discover the enterprise messaging app that gives you advanced security without compromising on chat features.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius

Communication tools

A chat app is only as good as it’s chat and messaging features, so let’s see how the three apps compare here.

Communication Tools

1-on-1 chats

Group chats


Voice calls

Available in beta

Video calls

Available in beta


Voice messages


Location sharing

Broadcast messages(Send individual messages to every user)

Incident rooms (Instant team chats for collaborating on pressing issues)

Communication tools


All three apps perform similarly in terms of communication features, giving users multiple options for collaboration.

However, Signal does not allow for the creation of dedicated channels—for example, for a project team or a department. Your teammates can still get around this to some degree by creating group chats in Signal. However, this may not be practical for large organizations or those that want to keep administrative control over messaging groups.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius

Business features

For an enterprise chat app to be effective, it needs to fit in with your existing tools and processes. In this area, both Wickr and Messagenius offer a number of features that could be appealing to large organizations.

Business Features

White label(customize with your branding)

Integrationsthrough API/SDK

Workflow customizations

Chatbots(Plug + Play integration with chat tools)

Enterprise database sync

CTA messages(Messages with custom buttons like “accept invitation”)

Business features


While Signal is good for chatting amongst colleagues, it’s not a great choice if you’re looking to integrate your chat app with other tools.

In contrast, both Messagenius and Wickr offer enterprises a number of ways to bring secure communication into their everyday workflows.

See Messagenius for yourself

Discover the enterprise messaging app that gives you advanced security without compromising on chat features.

Wickr vs Signal vs Messagenius

Device Aviability

As you’d expect from modern software, all three apps can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Both Signal and Wickr are available on the iphone app store, along with the Google Play store.

Device aviability




Which messaging app should I choose for my enterprise?

All three apps are excellent, and the best option will depend on your needs.

Wickr is better-suited to enterprise use, having a good balance of communication and security features. What’s more, it offers the option of on-premise hosting, making it potentially suitable for healthcare, military, and government. However, its USA jurisdiction and recent controversies may raise doubts with some stakeholders.

Signal is a reasonable choice if you just want a simple app for group chats amongst a few teammates. However, colleagues who are concerned about data privacy may not be comfortable with giving over their phone number. Perhaps most importantly, Signal’s lack of business features and on-premise hosting make it the least suitable for large organizations with strict security requirements.

Messagenius is ideal for enterprises who have strict security requirements or who have highly regulated workflows. Our ability to offer on-site hosting, plus customized integrations with your other tools, means that Messagenius can complement the most secure work environments. What’s more, as an EU company, we have the expertise to ensure your deployment meets GDPR regulations.

messagenius logo

Messagenius brings convenient communication to even the most
high-security enterprises

Messagenius hasn’t been around for as long as Wickr or Signal, but we’ve already won multiple cybersecurity awards. We’ve designed our app with the flexibility to integrate into any office workflow, with extra layers of security to keep your data safe.

Choose from three private hosting options:

You can install Messagenius:

on-premise installation icon


on your enterprise private server for total data ownership and physical security.

on-premise installation icon

Enterprise private cloud

where you retain data ownership and enjoy the efficiency of cloud operations.

on-premise installation icon

Messagenius cloud server

created and dedicated for your sole enterprise use.

Keep total control of your encryption keys

Nobody else should have access to your data—not even us. When you deploy Messagenius, we hand over your private encryption keys to your organization, and nobody else.

We also give you the option of having multiple key holders within your organization. This ensures that responsibility is shared between people you trust.

Messagnius fits in smoothly with your day-to-day business

White label service

Your messaging app becomes part of your day-to-day activities—so why not make it a part of your brand too? With our white label service, you can customize the interface and functionality for your organization.

Simple integrations

Using our API + SDKs, you can easily integrate Messagenius with your other tools. It also syncs with Active Directory and LDAP, for single sign-on without a phone number.

integration ldap microsoft sql database db

Streamlined workflows

Messagenius lets you customize how instant messaging fits into your workflows. Trigger business processes in conversational mode with a Department Contact, in Control Rooms, or with chatbots and AI-driven virtual agents.

Incident Rooms

When you have a pressing issue to deal with, use Messagenius to organize the team. Messagenius’s incident rooms are ideal for emergency response teams, security staff, IT support teams, and more.

Customize Messagenius to meet your data encryption requirements

If you’re in an organization that deals with secure data, you might have unique encryption requirements. With Messagenius, you can adjust the encryption, user access, and file sharing for every single user.

Enjoy all the convenient messaging features your team is used to

ico message

Discussion Channels
  • Group chats
  • Direct messages
  • #Channels
  • Video and voice call
  • Custom Workflows
  • Special Notifications
  • Message search
  • Do no disturb status

ico message

Chat tools
  • Text messages
  • Audio messages
  • Images, Videos, GIFs, File sharing
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Priority messages

ico message

Admin Dashboard
  • Real-time reports
  • Department accounts
  • User access
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Chat Export
  • And more…

See Messagenius for yourself

Discover the enterprise messaging app that gives you advanced security without compromising on chat features.


How does Messagenius compare with other security-focused apps like Threema, Viber and Wire?

Messagenius is one of the very few messaging apps to offer the full spectrum of chat and security features that enterprises need, including on-premise hosting.

Threema offers good security features similar to those delivered by Messagenius, including end-to-end encryption and on-premise hosting. However, Threema does not have some of our key security features, such as self-destructing messages.

For more information, see our comparison of Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius.

How does Messagenius compare with globally-used chat apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack?

Messagenius offers similar chat features to Microsoft Teams and Slack. However, because we’re a smaller company and not cloud-hosted by default, we offer greater flexibility in secure hosting and integrations.

If you’re already running Teams or Slack but need an extra option with customized security features, Messagenius can complement your existing tools well. For more details, read our articles on how Messagenius can be a Microsoft Teams alternative and a Slack alternative.

Which is better, Signal or Wickr?

Signal is free, so it could be a better choice for small groups of people who want to chat informally and securely. Wickr has more advanced business and communication features, which make it better suited for enterprise use.

Of course, we think Messagenius also has the kind of features that enterprise features can benefit from greatly!

Is Signal safer than WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is not safe for business use, despite claiming to have end-to-end encryption.Signal is considerably more secure than Whatsapp, and does not pass on any user data to third parties. However, it doesn’t offer the same advanced security features as Messagenius, like self-destructing messages and on-premises hosting.

Are chat apps safer than text messages?

Arguably, yes. Although SMS messages are often encrypted for at least part of their journey, the level of security will vary from vendor to vendor. When sending an SMS you have no guarantee that it cannot be intercepted.