White Label Messaging App for Any Use Case

We tailor our messaging app for every enterprise client – from the UI and UX to the ad-hoc features and encryption settings. Being a white-label enterprise messaging, it fits into any workflow and use case perfectly.

Security at the Core

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on your enterprise private server for total data ownership and physical security.

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Enterprise private cloud

where you retain data ownership and enjoy the efficiency of cloud operations.

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Messagenius cloud server

created and dedicated for your sole enterprise use.

How to Protect your Internal Comms with Messagenius

About Messagenius security

Everything you expect from a messaging app

Just like any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows your office and remote workers to communicate fast & effectively: send text & voice messages, photos, videos, and docs directly from the field, also sending requests or reporting to the control room to optimise time & efforts:

Text messages
Voice messages
Emergency signals
And much more...

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White Label Messaging
for Team Chats

Messagenius is a Plug&Play white label messaging for employees that fits in any workplace. You give us the use case, we tailor the app for your company and employees for better security and productivity.

Self-Hosted Messaging For Distributed Workforce

Messagenius serves as a messenger for field operators and control rooms from utilities, energy, transportation and logistics companies worldwide.

If your workforces is distributed, and needs one messenger to establish the direct line with control rooms, coordinate field operations, and build automated workflows, Messagenius is the perfect white-label messaging solution for your enterprise.

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On-Shore & Off-Shore Messaging For Cruise Liners

We install an on-board server on the ships and cruise liners to let our fully-featured white-label messenger run at any time. With Messagenius, passengers, staff, crew and port dispatchers can chat and call while being both on-shore and off-shore.

msg-ico healthcare messaging

Healthcare Messaging

Instant and effective communication for healthcare professionals is crucial. We built a healthcare messenger for doctors, hospital staff and patients to communicate instantly in the hospital and on remote, with no compromise on data security and privacy.

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Secure Messaging For Police And Defense Officers

Messagenius is designed for mission-critical communication. Messagenius helps police officers to stay online and communicate incidents at any time in the most effective and instant way.

We offer centralized admin panel, emergency shortcuts, channels, live location sharing, and other features that optimize the service of the officer and let them stay connected at all times.

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Messenger For Banks, Insurance & Financial Sector

Working with financial data and bank operations requires compliant communication tools by default. Messagenius serves as a compliance-enabler for banks and financial sector companies as we offer on-premises or private cloud installation and full protection of your data.

Want to get your branded company messenger?

Tell us about your use case, and we will make sure to build the app that meets your security needs and integrates in your workflow smoothly.
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How does Messagenius create contact lists?

For added security, Messagenius does not access numbers stored on the user’s smartphone. Instead, it can be set to create them from the databases you already have in use, like Active Directory.

When using Messagenius, your users can filter contacts by role, location, specialty, department and more. However, users do not see email addresses or phone numbers unless you choose to make this information available.
Visit our page with the full list of features and benefits that we offer to the Admins.

Is there an app better than Signal?

The best app will always depend on your needs. For individuals, Signal is a convenient choice, and is a reliable alternative to Whatsapp or text messages. It’s also open source. However, if you’re part of an enterprise or large organization with strict security requirements, Messagenius is usually a better choice.

(Naturally, we’re a little biased, but our enterprise security features speak for themselves!)

Get more details on the differences between Signal, Threema and Messagenius to choose solution that fits the most to your needs.

When is the Skype for Business end of life date?

Microsoft stopped supporting Skype for Business Online (the cloud version of the app) in 2021. While the platform is still working to some extent, Microsoft no longer offers it to new Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft will cease offering updates to Skype for Business on-premises servers in 2024.
So what’s next? Read the full research and technical comparisons among Skype for Business, MS Teams, and Messagenius here.

Can Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams work together?

Microsoft has supported some interoperability between the two platforms. This meant that a person using Teams could have a voice call with a person using Skype for Business. However, Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business so this will no longer be possible.
Visit our page on the technical comparisons among Teams, Skype for Business and Messagenius here.

Is Teams safer than Skype?

Yes. Microsoft Teams has enterprise security features that Skype does not, such as spam and security filtering. Teams also gives the customer greater control over the information that is retained in the app.
Read the full research and report on Teams, Skype and Messagenius features to choose the best solution for you.

Why use Teams instead of Skype?

Microsoft Teams has a number of communication tools that Skype doesn’t have, such as large-scale video conferencing. What’s more, Teams offers greater integration with Microsoft’s other products, so will better support user workflows.
To get a deeper understanding about the differences between MS Teams, Skype and Messagenius, visit our full research and comparison analysis here.

Is Microsoft Teams replacing Skype for Business?

Yes. Microsoft no longer offers Skype for Business to new Office 365 subscribers, instead directing them to Microsoft Teams. Skype for Business can still be used with on-site hosting, although Skype will cease to support this in the near future. Discover more about the comparisons among MS Teams, Skype for Business and Messagenius here.

Which is better, Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business?

Microsoft Teams is a more modern platform, offering greater flexibility and superior collaboration tools. The main difference is that Skype for Business could be hosted on-site, whereas Teams relies on the cloud. As a result, some businesses are seeking a Teams alternative with on-premise hosting.
You can get more insights on the differences and technical comparisons among MS Teams, Skype for Business and Messagenius here.

Do I need a phone number to use audio calls in Messagenius?

No, you can do the calls in Messagenius with no phone or mobile number required.

Can I call on Messagenius?

Yes, Messagenius allows you to make audio and video calls for secure and effective communication with your colleagues, as in one-to-one mode as in a group mode.

What messages can I send on Messagenius?

Just like in all the mainstream messaging apps, you can send text, voice messages, share all the types of files (documents, media files, recordings from your camera, etc), as well as activate live location sharing and do audio and video calls. On the top of that, we offer productivity-boosting features that simplify the daily work of employees thanks to automated workflows, ad-hoc developed features for your enterprise use case, management tools and much more.

What if I am in a loud or common area and don’t want others to listen to the voice message I received?

Messagenius features a speech-to-text service. You can simply have the software transcribe the message and read it privately. Later, you can listen to it if you wish.

What file types does Messagenius support?

Messagenius supports all the file types. Images, videos, pdfs, location, contacts, and general file types can be stored and shared. Our enterprise customer can restrict some file types or put other restrictions on the file size available for sharing.

Can I share messages, links or materials from Messagenius to other apps?

Yes, this is a native feature of the OS. Documents, pictures, and files can be imported and exported from Messagenius to other apps.

Can I send audio and voice messages with Messagenius?

Yes, Messagenius has a patented one-tap voice message UI that ‌simplifies the UX and allows for recording and sending an audio/voice message just by pushing and releasing one button.

How many people can participate in the video calls?

We have no limits on the number of participants in a video call. You can have as many participants as you need to have a video call.

Can I do video calls on Messagenius?

Yes, you can contact your colleagues via video call, conduct video conferences with as many participants per call as you need. With Messagenius, video conferencing has never been easier and more secure – meet your colleagues in a video conference room, as in one-to-one as in one-to-many mode, and discuss all in detail for a better work output.

Where is Messagenius demo hosted?

The free demo of Messagenius is always hosted by us, on AWS cloud located in Ireland. In case you prefer to have a demo in a private environment, we are open to do so through a pilot project.

What happens with the user data after the demo is over?

After the demo is over, all the user data, activity and tractions is deleted from the database forever.

Can we test Messagenius before paying?

We offer the simplest form of Messagenius for testing and preview purposes.This simplified version will be sufficient to demonstrate the simple interface and ease of use Messagenius offers. Messagenius is also developed and fully customized for each customer. The advanced features of the software are not developed for your use until you order the service.

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