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Which secure messaging tool is right for your enterprise?

With remote and asynchronous work becoming common, your organization needs secure ways to communicate with colleagues. We compare three messaging tools—Threema, Signal, and Messagenius—and explore how secure they are for enterprise use.

A quick disclaimer before we start…

We’ve done our best to make this comparison accurate. However, tech companies update their software regularly, so we can’t guarantee what you see here is 100% correct.

Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius:
A quick overview

Threema is a mobile and desktop app owned by a small Swiss company, Threema GmbH. Compatible with Android and iPhone, it also features end-to-end encryption. The company’s servers are based in Switzerland, and it has offerings for both individuals and businesses.

Signal is a free messaging app made by a US non-profit organization. Although not designed for businesses, it lets any users who have Signal communicate via mobile and desktop app. Unlike WhatsApp, it offers end-to-end encryption by default, making it an easy alternative to SMS messages.

Messagenius is a secure instant messaging app for enterprises, with its company headquarters in Rome. As an EU provider, it is GDPR-compliant and one of the few apps to offer both end-to-end encryption and on-premise hosting options. Messagenius was designed for large organizations and has secure chat features like self-destructing messages.

Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius

Security Features

While many consumers are still content with less secure messaging apps like Whatsapp, businesses have more to worry about.

A single data leak that breaches GDPR could cost your enterprise millions in fines, and lose the trust of customers. Accordingly, all three of these apps were built to offer their users additional protection from hackers and cybercrime. But how do they compare?

Security Features

End-to-end Encryption
(scrambles message data)

Perfect forward secrecy
(encryption keys regularly changed)

Allows two-factor authentication

On-premise/private cloud hosting


Competitors have previously said Signal is GDPR non-compliant, but it’s not clear that this is true.

One of the major differences here is around perfect forward secrecy (PFS). PFS is a system that regularly changes the encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt data. As a result, if a phone (for example) is stolen and the encryption key recovered, that key cannot be used to decrypt all the user’s data.

Security Features


Messagenius offers the full combination of on-premise hosting, GDPR compliance, and advanced security features like PFS.

Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius

Data Privacy

Personal data leaks are a major concern for both businesses and consumers. Accordingly, people looking for secure instant messaging want an app that won’t collect their personal data.

On the privacy front, all three apps perform well. Signal has a minor strike against it when it comes to personal data, as it requires users to submit a phone number during sign-up.

Data Privacy

Does not collect user data during signup

1With a major caveat

Signal requires a mobile phone number from the user.

Registration with user name only is possible

Does not send user data to the app provider

mandatory mobile number sent to third party for registration & recovery

Messages cannot be read by the app provider

Timestamps logged by the provider

1On paper, Threema delivers completely anonymous signup. However, users do not necessarily take advantage of this functionality. As tech blog Soatok points out, over 1 million Threema users have signed up through Google Play—which means their personal data has been recorded.

Data Security


if you’re really concerned about companies getting your personal data, Signal is the slightly weaker choice of the three in this category. Threema offers totally anonymous signup, but only if you purchase it using bitcoins.

Messagenius is the only option that doesn’t require personal data, information or contact information for the user creation.

Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius

Secure Messaging Features

While all three apps have end-to-end encryption, cybercrime isn’t the only threat to data security. Your organization also has to worry about laptops and mobile devices ending up in the wrong hands.

In some organizations, even having a chat app left open on a computer can lead to staff seeing information they’re not authorized for. For this reason, your organization may require messaging features that offer extra layers of security.

Let’s see how Threema, Signal, and Messagenius stack up on this front.

Secure Messaging Features


Message Stay on your servers

Depends on hosting choice

Anonymous chatting
(chats do not show emails or phone number)

Sender can delete their messages on the recipient’s device

Protected messages
(requiring fingerprint or captcha to open)

Secure Messaging


While Signal has some great chat features, it’s clear that it’s not built for enterprise environments. Threema is somewhat better for business use cases, thanks to its on-premise hosting options. However, without features like self-destructing messages, it may not be sufficient for industries such as banking and law.

However, this is where Messagenius shines. With features like self-destructing and protected messages, it gives your organization complete control over its messaging data.

Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius

Communication features

Most people are now accustomed to quick, convenient chat features, thanks to the popularity of WhatsApp and other apps. Threema, Signal and Messagenius have all adopted these core chat features, showing similar functionality across the board.

Communication Features

1-on-1 chats

Group chats



Voice calls

Video calls


Voice messages

Location sharing

Broadcast messages(Send individual messages to every user)

Incident rooms (Instant team chats for collaborating on pressing issues)

Communication features


All three apps offer excellent communication features that can help teams to collaborate, including instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

Only Messagenius offers customizable channels and incident rooms. These features make it ideal for large teams that need to collaborate on specific projects or pressing issues.

See Messagenius for yourself

Discover the enterprise messaging app that gives you advanced security without compromising on chat features.

Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius

Business features

To be truly helpful for enterprises, your instant messaging tool needs to sync with your organization’s brand, processes, and existing software. Let’s see how Threema, Signal and Messagenius compare here.

Business Features

White label(customize with your branding)

Does allow you to add a logo

Integrationsthrough API/SDK

With limited access

Workflow customizations

Chatbots(Plug + Play integration with chat tools)

Offers API access

Enterprise database sync

CTA messages(Messages with custom buttons like “accept invitation”)

Business features


While Signal is great for individuals and small group chats, its lack of integrations means it’s not ideal for mass adoption in large businesses. Threema is more flexible, however, offering chatbot and software integration.

Only Messagenius offers all of the above plus customization to support your workflows, along with optional white-labelling to make the app your own.

See Messagenius for yourself

Discover the enterprise messaging app that gives you advanced security without compromising on chat features.

Threema vs Signal vs Messagenius

Device Aviability

All three apps are available on both iOS and Android, making the transition easy for smartphone users.

Signal is free to download from the Apple app Store or Google Play Store. Threema requires a one-time payment from users, except in the case of its business offerings (e.g Threema Work).

Messagenius is also available on both stores. Because it’s made for large organizations, the app does not require individual users to pay for the download. Like Signal and Threema, you can use it on mac, Windows and Linux.

Device aviability




Which messaging app should I choose for my enterprise?

While all three apps share similarities, we think the pros and cons are pretty clear:

Threema has gone further than Signal to offer full data security with its on-premise hosting offer. However, it doesn’t offer a private cloud, or the option to host your data on a Threema server dedicated solely to your business. What’s more:

  • No self-destructing messages capability
  • No deleting messages on both the sender and recipient’s phones after sending

Signal offers good security features, if you can forgive it asking for your mobile number. However, it falls down on several major fronts in terms of security, privacy and business capabilities:

  • No on-premises hosting option
  • Because Signal wasn’t designed for business use, it doesn’t have white labelling, software integrations, or customized workflows.

Messagenius gives you total control over your data security, without compromising on chat features

Although we’re younger than both Threema and Signal, Messagenuis has already won awards from Cybersecurity organizations. We’ve purpose-built our app to help large organizations collaborate securely, without privacy worries.

messagenius logo

Messagenius brings convenient communication to even the most
high-security enterprises

Messagenius hasn’t been around for as long as Threema or Signal, but we’ve already won multiple cybersecurity awards. We’ve designed our app with the flexibility to integrate into any office workflow, with extra layers of security to keep your data safe.

Private data hosting with three convenient options

You can install Messagenius:

on-premise installation icon


on your enterprise private server for total data ownership and physical security.

on-premise installation icon

Enterprise private cloud

where you retain data ownership and enjoy the efficiency of cloud operations.

on-premise installation icon

Messagenius cloud server

created and dedicated for your sole enterprise use.

Own Your Data with Private Encryption Keys

Messagenius has a unique encryption key system that you won’t find with many other providers. When we hand over the encryption keys to you, they’re yours and yours alone.

As an extra layer of protection, your enterprises can have multiple holders of encryption
Keys, further minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Customize your data encryption
Messagenius offers fully-adjustable security settings. This means you can customize the encryption, user access, and file sharing according to your business needs for every member.

Messagenius goes further than other apps to support your business and brand

White label service

Get the ‘wow’ factor amongst employees, partners, and clients by white-labelling Messagenius. You can customize it with your own graphics to promote your brand values and vision.

Easy integrations

Integrate single sign-on, shortcuts, groups, and contextualized chats into any other software you use. Messagenuis can also sync with Active Directory and LDAP, for single sign-on with no phone number needed.

integration ldap microsoft sql database db

Optimize your workflows

Thanks to our APIs, SDKs, and triggers, two-way connections with any workflow are possible. Trigger business processes in conversational mode with a Department Contact, in Control Rooms, or with chatbots and AI-driven virtual agents.

Fine-tune Messagenius encryption to your business needs

Do you have specific, complex security needs that you need to meet? Adjust Messagenius’s encryption, user access, and file sharing for every user.

Convenient chat and collaboration features

ico message

Discussion Channels
  • Group chats
  • Direct messages
  • #Channels
  • Video and voice call
  • Custom Workflows
  • Special Notifications
  • Message search
  • Do no disturb status

ico message

Chat tools
  • Text messages
  • Audio messages
  • Images, Videos, GIFs, File sharing
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Priority messages

ico message

Admin Dashboard
  • Real-time reports
  • Department accounts
  • User access
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Chat Export
  • And more…

See Messagenius for yourself

Discover the enterprise messaging app that gives you advanced security without compromising on chat features.


Is Threema really secure?

No app that hosts your data in off-premises servers can truly guarantee your data’s safety. What’s more, there is always the risk that someone else could get hold of your device.
For this reason, we think that Threema’s on-premise offering is its most secure one. However, it doesn’t offer some of the great features that Messagenius has—like self-destructing messages, white-labelling, and customized workflows

Is there an app better than Signal?

The best app will always depend on your needs. For individuals, Signal is a convenient choice, and is a reliable alternative to Whatsapp or text messages. It’s also open source. However, if you’re part of an enterprise or large organization with strict security requirements, Messagenius is usually a better choice.

(Naturally, we’re a little biased, but our enterprise security features speak for themselves!)

Can I export data from Messagenius?

Yes. Messagenius lets you create task rooms where teams can discuss specific activities. You can export chats from these rooms in PDF format, so you have a record of decisions and discussions that your team took part in.

What databases does Messagenius integrate with?

You can integrate Messagenius with LDAP, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. This plug and play integration lets you easily set up single sign-on, workflow integrations, shortcuts and more.

How does Messagenius create contact lists?

For added security, Messagenius does not access numbers stored on the user’s smartphone. Instead, it can be set to create them from the databases you already have in use, like Active Directory.

When using Messagenius, your users can filter contacts by role, location, specialty, department and more. However, users do not see email addresses or phone numbers unless you choose to make this information available.

What industries is Messagenius used in?

Messagenius is ideal for any organization that needs a secure messager app with convenient and intuitive chat features. However, our comprehensive data security and privacy features are perfect for industries with strict data requirements, like banking, healthcare, law enforcement, legal services, and government.

Can people outside of our organization use Messagenius?

Yes. Depending on your hosting setup, Messagenius can give your administrators the ability to create messaging functionality for guests. This can be extremely useful for some industries—for example, if you’re a healthcare organization and want doctors to chat to patients in Messagenius.

What’s more, because Messagenius has full white-label functionality, your guests don’t have to know you’re using a third-party app.

How does Messagenius compare to WhatsApp?

Messagenius is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. What’s more, Messagenius has multiple security features that WhatsApp does not offer, like on-premises hosting and private encryption keys, and it does not pass your data on to third parties.

To find out more, read our post about why you need a Whatsapp alternative.

How does Messagenius compare to Slack?

We’re a big fan of Slack’s chat features. However, Slack’s security features make it less than ideal for industries with strict data requirements. Messagenius can easily run alongside Slack, giving teams within your organization a way to chat securely while keeping sensitive data on your own servers.

Find out more about how Messagenius works as a secure Slack alternative for enterprises.

How does Messagenius compare to Microsoft Teams?

Messagenius and Microsoft Teams have a lot of chat features in common, like group chats, file-sharing, and video conferencing. What’s more, both apps work on iOS and Android devices.

However, some organizations prefer not to use Teams in departments or scenarios that have higher security requirements. We recommend keeping Teams in place and complementing it with Messagenius when you need a secure private messenger.

Find out more about how Messagenius matches up as a Microsoft Teams alternative or complementary tool.

Which messaging app is most secure?

The “most” secure will depend on the use case, hosting setup, and more. However, out of Threema, Signal and Messagenius, we think Messagenius is the most secure for enterprises and large organizations. Only Messagenius has on-premise hosting, private keys, and secure chat features like self-destructing messages.

Threema vs Signal: which one is better?

For individuals, Signal is probably best (as long as you don’t mind sharing your phone number). But for businesses, Threema is probably the better choice as it gives you more flexibility with secure hosting—although not as much as Messagenius!