Admin features in the messaging app for smart management

Get the secure enterprise messaging app tailored for C-level, team leaders, and HR managers, with a wide range of admin functionalities:

  • Blast messages: one message broadcasted to the entire workforce
  • Admin panels for control rooms and management dashboards
  • High priority messages and message delivery tracking
centralised panel, management dashboard

For Smart & Efficient Communication Management

Manage your secure internal communications more effectively with Messagenius’ admin features. Track team collaboration with a management dashboard. Broadcast mass messages to your entire organization in an instant. Use priority messages and special alerts to draw attention to critical information in real-time.

Broadcast Blast Messages

Send one message to the entire workforce in one click. Broadcast information to each member in your enterprise just with one blast message, such as:

  • Weekly updates
  • Team-building session
  • Software update news
  • Annual Party

Broadcast messages are an easy way to keep everyone in the loop.

Message Delivery Tracking

Designated users, admins, and managers can request proof-of-receipt with Messagenius. Make sure important messages are received – and opened – by the right users. Require biometric authentication, Face ID or fingerprint, checkbox actions, captcha code, or any specific “Roger” action to prove your message has been received.

Priority Messages

With priority message and special alert functionality, dedicated users can stress the importance of certain information. High priority messages always appear coloured & pinned on the top of the chat list, and arrive with a differentiated tone to draw even more attention to the recipients.

Control Room

From one control room account multiple operators can manage requests, connect the right people, monitor workflows and report the work done, without switching the views or panels.

UI grid chats

All the conversations with workers are displayed in a grid view for each operator to see multiple chats and ongoing process live.

incident chats in Map view for control rooms

Map view
Operators can view the requests directly from the map, where all the workers are depicted in live mode with live location for easier progress monitoring and rapid reporting.

Open an incident room with selected users as control room and on field workforce technicians

Incident rooms
Any worker can initiate an incident room chat, and the control room account will be added automatically to the chat together with the relevant colleagues to resolve the issue.

PDF export
The incident rooms chats can be exported into PDF with with the detailed info on participants, type of the issues, messages, location, timestamps, and transcriptions of the voice message in to text.

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How does Messagenius create contact lists?

For added security, Messagenius does not access numbers stored on the user’s smartphone. Instead, it can be set to create them from the databases you already have in use, like Active Directory.

When using Messagenius, your users can filter contacts by role, location, specialty, department and more. However, users do not see email addresses or phone numbers unless you choose to make this information available.
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Is there an app better than Signal?

The best app will always depend on your needs. For individuals, Signal is a convenient choice, and is a reliable alternative to Whatsapp or text messages. It’s also open source. However, if you’re part of an enterprise or large organization with strict security requirements, Messagenius is usually a better choice.

(Naturally, we’re a little biased, but our enterprise security features speak for themselves!)

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When is the Skype for Business end of life date?

Microsoft stopped supporting Skype for Business Online (the cloud version of the app) in 2021. While the platform is still working to some extent, Microsoft no longer offers it to new Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft will cease offering updates to Skype for Business on-premises servers in 2024.
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Can Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams work together?

Microsoft has supported some interoperability between the two platforms. This meant that a person using Teams could have a voice call with a person using Skype for Business. However, Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business so this will no longer be possible.
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Is Teams safer than Skype?

Yes. Microsoft Teams has enterprise security features that Skype does not, such as spam and security filtering. Teams also gives the customer greater control over the information that is retained in the app.
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Why use Teams instead of Skype?

Microsoft Teams has a number of communication tools that Skype doesn’t have, such as large-scale video conferencing. What’s more, Teams offers greater integration with Microsoft’s other products, so will better support user workflows.
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Is Microsoft Teams replacing Skype for Business?

Yes. Microsoft no longer offers Skype for Business to new Office 365 subscribers, instead directing them to Microsoft Teams. Skype for Business can still be used with on-site hosting, although Skype will cease to support this in the near future. Discover more about the comparisons among MS Teams, Skype for Business and Messagenius here.

Which is better, Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business?

Microsoft Teams is a more modern platform, offering greater flexibility and superior collaboration tools. The main difference is that Skype for Business could be hosted on-site, whereas Teams relies on the cloud. As a result, some businesses are seeking a Teams alternative with on-premise hosting.
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Do I need a phone number to use audio calls in Messagenius?

No, you can do the calls in Messagenius with no phone or mobile number required.

Can I call on Messagenius?

Yes, Messagenius allows you to make audio and video calls for secure and effective communication with your colleagues, as in one-to-one mode as in a group mode.

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