Chat app for hospital staff

Secure Messaging App for Doctors

Instant Communication Among Medical Staff
Messagenius is a secure instant messaging app for doctors enabling fast and completely private communications among doctors, patients and hospital staff. Messagenius is installed on-premises, on private servers or clouds of hospitals.

Easy Consultancy & Follow-ups on Remote
The secure messaging app for doctors enables easy consultancy and follow-ups with patients on remote, with no compromise on security of patient confidential data.

Total Security & Compliance

All staff, doctor, and patient communication data stays only on – and is owned exclusively by – the hospital private servers/clouds. Our secure messaging app for doctors can be installed on-premises, on private clouds or servers of the hospital. Either way, data stays private, secure, and completely owned by you. Messagenius uses end-to-end encryption keys and is 100 percent GDPR compliant.

Discover all the security aspects of Messagenius for hospitals.

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Secure app for hospitals

Instant and secure communications among medical professionals, and with hospitalised patients or users from home.
On-premises installation guarantees hospitals complete data ownership and security of communications.

chat app for hospitals with images and file sharing

Everything you expect from messaging apps

Just as any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows medical staff to communicate instantly, sending quick messages, files, docs, and discussing various topics on thematic #channels. With intuitive UI & UX, med professionals are able to inform their colleagues, report, or get rapid reply, which optimises time and makes workflows seamless.

  • Text
  • Voice message
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Medical records.
  • And much more..

Your Messaging Hub for Hospital Staff Communication

Take a Safe, Smart, and Integrated Approach to Healthcare Messaging

voice messages, emojis, location, text messages, chats, media files and docs

Check-ins & Chats among Med Staff

Medical staff and doctors can easily chat with each other when in doubts or need for support, easily sharing docs, videos, photos, or voice messages to get quick response.

channels and departments of hospitals

Team & Topic Channels

#Channels allow to discuss any topics with the relevant colleagues for collaborative problem-solving. Organise channels by team, location, or other custom criteria.

messages with call-to-action buttons

Call-to-Action Messaging

Med staff can send messages directly with Call-to-Action buttons: “Confirm Appointment,” “Accept Patient,” or “Join Team” for fast response & tasks automation, minimising time and paperwork

live location sharing of doctors and ambulances

Live Location Sharing

Live location sharing enables hospital control rooms to monitor doctors-on-call, and allows doctors send updates or request support from the intervention areas in few clicks

smart contact lists with filters

Contact Lists of Medical Staff

Contact lists with filters allow to reach the right contact immediately just by using a relevant keyword: role, department, shifts, location and other criteria.

Instant Emergency Signals

Preset emergency signals that initiate dedicated incident rooms.

In just one click, all the needed medical professionals can join the group chat with all the relevant information and contacts to provide rapid response patient care.

one-tap emergency signals for doctors

Messagenius is ready to support every medical professional facing COVID-19 in the front line.

Now in hospitals communication is a matter of life or death. Contact us to get more information on how Messagenius can assist doctors in accomplishing their mission.

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Let the secure and instant communication happen among the doctors

Messagenius assists doctors in their daily mission. With the smart, instant and secure messaging app for doctors, all the medical staff will be able to perform their job no matter the distance, crisis, and overcrowded hospitals.

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