Are you looking for a secure messaging solution for your business?

You are in the right place. Messagenius is a self-hosted messaging app for secure chats among employees.

  • On-premise/private cloud
  • 100% white-label
  • SDK & API integrations
  • Full range of instant messaging features

Private On-Premises or Cloud Installation

No matter what type of installation you choose, Messagenius guarantees that your enterprise data is safe. We focus on clear data ownership, security, and enterprise privacy.

Choose from three private hosting options:

on-premise installation icon


on your enterprise private server for total data ownership and physical security.

on-premise installation icon

Enterprise private cloud

where you retain data ownership and enjoy the efficiency of cloud operations.

on-premise installation icon

Messagenius cloud server

created and dedicated for your sole enterprise use.

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Everything you need in a secure messaging app

Text messages
Voice messages
Images and Videos
Emergency signals

And much more…


Data Security

End-to-end Encryption
(scrambles message data)

Encryption while data is in transit

Encryption while data is in transit and at rest

Perfect forward secrecy
(encryption keys regularly changed)

Allows two-factor authentication

On-premise/private cloud hosting

Metadata encrypted

While in transit

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Clients and Partners who believe in our secure solutions

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How can Messagenius customize Emojis for your brand?
  1. Create custom emojis featuring brand-related imagery, slogans, or icons.
  2. Personalize emojis to reflect your company culture, values, and identity.
  3. Integrate emojis seamlessly into the Messagenius app, ensuring a cohesive visual language across internal communications.
Can Messagenius be customized?

Every installation of the app is customized. We customize it for many of our customers. Others use an API or SDK to add Messagenius functionality to their existing software to create a custom messaging service built for their needs.

Is it white label?

Yes. Customers can customize the app for their cruise lines fully: from the UI/UX and branding, to the features and encryption levels. From your passengers’ perspective, the app will look like your own software with your branding, logo, and messaging.

Will Messagenius brand be visible to the end users?

Messagenius is a white-label solution by default. We offer a full customization of our UI and UX for each client, embedding client’s branding, logo, colors, and others into our app to make sure that the app is fitting seamlessly into your use case.

Can the messaging feature be integrated into existing apps?

Yes, Messagenius comes with plug & play integration possibilities in multiple coding languages, including Kotlin, Swift, Ionic, React, Flatter and more. It is also available as a stand-alone app that can be fully customized. You can use messaging APIs and SDKs to build your own messaging solution interface.

Can messages be archived?

Yes. They are automatically archived, the retention of the messages is configurable by the client. Passengers can choose to save their individual chats. The cruise line or app operator can also archive all chats for history and security.

Can Messagenius provide a locally installable fallback system?

Messagenius provides a locally installable fallback system as long as there is a network connection between the dispersed locations. It can be done by installing a local server, with the local Wi-Fi. To guarantee the network across multiple dispersed locations, one of the locations will have to work as the main server. Alternatively, it is also possible to do that each location has its own server, and they are federated among each other.

In what programming languages is Messagenius SDK available?

Native iOS: Swift and Objective-C, Native Android: Java and Kotlin, and hybrid approaches like Flutter, Ionic Angular, Ionic React, React Native, Xamarin and more.

Do you have chatbots integrations for customer support?

We don’t provide a chatbot engine, but Messagenius can provide support for integrating with other chatbots.

Is Messagenius a 100% guarantee for no cyberattacks for my company?

No software can provide a guarantee against cyber attacks because the criminals targeting your company are beyond the control of the software provider. However, Messagenius gives you tools to detect and defeat common cyber attacks:
– Phishing scams form around 80% of all reported cyber attacks. These attacks begin with deception aimed at causing someone to reveal personal information that can be used to gain unlawful access to sensitive data. Messagenius helps prevent this by offering a secure environment where phishing is easier to recognize. Also, message information, such as sender, recipient, and network logs, make detection and neutralization much easier.

– Trojan attacks, where software is slipped into the system, usually by email, are the next most common form of attack and may be combined with a phishing scam. Messagenius offers active object scanning and a secure communications platform so your employees can easily recognize when someone is attempting to gain unlawful access or deliver a malicious payload.

– Hacking attacks are ‘classic’ cyber criminal behavior. Messagenius defeats these attacks by using on-premises and private cloud installation. This limits the attack surfaces available to hackers. Providing adequate security and protection for a limited number of attack surfaces is much simpler than trying to defend every device used by anyone in your organization.
So, while we cannot guarantee your organization will not be targeted by a cyber attack, Messagenius does offer a substantial set of tools and a working environment that is more secure than other communications options.

Does Messagenius have SSO (Single Sign-On)?

Yes, we offer built-in APIs to enable SSO (Single Sign-On) for customers.