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Rapid and instant communication in critical situations is crucial for any public service. Messagenius makes sure on-duty officers remain online, regardless of the emergency, and are able to immediately communicate the situation, resulting in a higher standard of service.

Full Data Ownership

Secure, smart and efficient communication in any work setting – that’s Messagenius, the app for field workers, public officers and the emergency services.
Messagenius is fast, intuitive and effective for instant messaging – just like WhatsApp – BUT granting full and absolute data ownership (as well as encryption keys) because Messagenius is installed on-site, on your private server or cloud.

Perfect for On-field Duties & Missions

With Messagenius you can quickly exchange texts, files, photos, video, emergency signals and one-tap voice messages as well as create chat rooms and send messages from one-to-many users, and much more. Messagenius facilitates instant and easy communication with control rooms and emergency services and is the ideal app for those working remotely or in the field. Plus, there’s no need to use your personal phone number (we think the personal should stay personal).


  • Message Priority and Special Alerts
  • Broadcast Messages sent from one to many
  • Management Dashboard and Usage Reports
  • Proof-of-Receipt and Biometric Authentication
  • Contact’s Status, Role, Level, Dept, Region, etc.
  • Automated Tasks Assignment, Confirmation and Reminders
  • Reports & History of Actions as per shift for a team, as per single user
Messagenius is also available in White Label (so no our logo or branding but only yours) for full customization of UI/UX, features & encryption, and Messagenius can be integrated into any software in use via SDK. Also, through the common R&D efforts, Messagenius can become compatible with any device used by on-field workers in public services – cameras, microphones, board computers, etc.


Simple and intuitive UI and UX ensures officers in the field are always connected with control rooms or other departments. In mission-critical situations, officers can send emergency signals in just one-tap and rapidly exchange important information in audio, video, location pin, or other formats. This effortless and instant communication puts the focus on the service and means there’s no data security or GDPR issues to worry about – as all data stays on your private server or cloud.


In emergency or mission-critical situations, where time is of the essence, field officers can send emergency signals in just ONE TAP. This signal is accompanied by a timestamp, location, and the sender’s profile and is sent to control rooms, managers and/or dedicated emergency crews.


Keep track of field workers and remote staff in a smart and effective way. There’s no need to wait until your team reports back to you – simply exchange messages, files, audio clips, and other info throughout the day and Messagenius records the team workflow and action history. 


Instant messaging = Instant reporting. When field officers send any kind of message to managers, supervisors or a control room about a situation, problem or resolved issue, a report is compiled by Messagenius. Message sent = Report done.


Messagenius can easily be integrated into any existing software like intranets, task managers, monitoring and reporting systems, and so on. Connect all teams, departments, field workers, control rooms and third-party services to ensure instant and rapid communication.
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