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Whether it’s an armed forces mission overseas or local police responding to a distress call, rapid communication is critical in public defence. Messagenius is a safe instant messaging platform for public defence entities. Off-duty officers can be notified instantly if they’re needed in an emergency and briefed on the situation with pictures, videos, or documents.
Messagenius is a 100 percent GDPR-compliant secure enterprise instant messaging solution. Any confidential information is stored securely in the cloud or on-premise. You’ll have complete ownership over your data, guaranteeing that public defence secrets stay out of the wrong hands. Your defence force will respond more quickly, without sacrificing data security.

Full Data Ownership & Security

Messagenius functions as an encrypted communication app for all armed forces, defence officers, or other government entities. It’s a secure, smart, efficient enterprise messaging solution that’s as easy to use as most consumer messaging apps. An intuitive user experience (UX) makes Messagenius easy for anyone to use.
Messagenius also grants complete data ownership to all customers, no questions asked. In addition, end-to-end encryption keys are given exclusively to clients for ironclad data protection. Install Messagenius via a public or private cloud, or as an on-premise solution. Either way, your data truly is for your eyes only.

Mission Critical Communications

Messagenius is the perfect secure messaging solution for officers in the field. Whether it’s a live mission or a local distress call, Messagenius allows parties to quickly send and receive the right information in mission-critical situations. Officers or first responders can quickly coordinate with control rooms or the head of defence force for new or further instructions.
Exchange texts, files, photos, or videos in seconds. Use emergency signals and one-tap voice messaging during difficult circumstances. Create custom chat rooms for teams or operations and send one-to-many user messages. And Messagenius doesn’t require a personal phone number, adding an extra layer of privacy for users.

Better Armed Force Security Management

Messagenius provides special features and functionality designed to improve armed forces communication and effectiveness in the field:

  • Priority Messages and Special Alerts
  • One-to-Many Blast Messages
  • Management Dashboards & Usage Reports
  • Biometric and Proof-of-Receipt Authentication
  • Detailed Contact Status & Information Display
  • Automated Task Assignments, Confirmations & Reminders
  • Historical Activity Reports per Shift, Team, or Single User
Messagenius is also available as a White-Label solution. You choose the look, feel, and UI/UX. Security settings and workflow triggers are fully customisable. Integrate any systems or software with Messagenius using our SDK. Smartphones, tablets, PCs, microphones, cameras, and other equipment can all be connected to the Messagenius enterprise messaging platform.


Messagenius is enabling the connected defense officer of tomorrow. Our simple, intuitive user interface and experience (UI/UX) makes this possible. Officers cans stay connected with police stations, control rooms, or other departments. In mission-critical situations, officers can send a one-tap emergency signal along with audio, video, location, or other key information. 


During a mission-critical situation, seconds can mean between life or death. Emergency One-Tap functionality lets officers in the field dispatch an emergency signal with just one touch in a matter of seconds. Signals come time-stamped with real-time location information and the sender’s profile, so control rooms can send the right help immediately.


Be along the activity of officers, soldiers, or other defence workers deployed in the field. No more waiting hours for more information or making decisions blindfolded. Messagenius enables instant information exchange from the field using multiple media formats. Whatever happens in the field, you’ll know as soon as it happened and what took place.


Managerial reports and dashboards are now critical in measuring things like response times, service level, and defence team effectiveness. Messagenius automatically compiles reports in real-time as messages are sent. When an officer reports back to supervisors or defence force team contacts the control room, the communication is securely logged and reported.


Messagenius comes ready-made for software integration. Integration of armed forces systems or productivity tools is easily accomplished using our SDK. Bring all your armed forces communication under one roof. By creating a tightly integrated secure internal communication platform, you’ll ensure that all your missions are successful.
How can Messagenius improve your defence force communication? Get in touch to find out.
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