Messaging app for Armed Forces & Public Defence

Whether it’s an armed forces mission overseas or local police responding to a distress call, rapid communication is critical in public defence. Messagenius is a safe instant messaging platform for public defence entities. Off-duty officers can be notified instantly if they’re needed in an emergency and briefed on the situation with pictures, videos, or documents.

chat app for police and armed forces

Keep the Public Safe. Keep Your Data Safer.

Messagenius is a 100 percent GDPR-compliant secure enterprise instant messaging solution. Any confidential information is stored securely in the cloud or on-premise. You’ll have complete ownership over your data, guaranteeing that public defence secrets stay out of the wrong hands. Your defence force will respond more quickly, without sacrificing data security.

secure ad encrypted chat app for police

Full Data Ownership & Security

Messagenius functions as an encrypted communication app for all armed forces, defence officers, or other government entities. It’s a secure, smart, efficient enterprise messaging solution that’s as easy to use as most consumer messaging apps. An intuitive user experience (UX) makes Messagenius easy for anyone to use.

Messagenius also grants complete data ownership to all customers, no questions asked. In addition, end-to-end encryption keys are given exclusively to clients for ironclad data protection. Install Messagenius via a public or private cloud, or as an on-premise solution. Either way, your data truly is for your eyes only.

Everything you can expect from a messaging app

Exchange texts, files, photos, or videos in seconds. Use emergency signals and one-tap voice messaging during difficult circumstances. Create custom chat rooms for teams or operations and send one-to-many user messages. And Messagenius doesn’t require a personal phone number, adding an extra layer of privacy for users.

  • Text
  • Voice message
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Emergency signals
  • And much more…
map, location, media, files, audios, text, and voice messages exchange

Better Armed Force Security Management

Messagenius provides special features and functionality designed to improve armed forces communication and effectiveness in the field:

important messages for police

Priority messages

Broadcasted Blast Messages one-to-many

One-to-Many Blast Messages

management dashboard for police officers

Management Dashboards & Usage Reports

message unlock with fingerprint, face id or password

Biometric and Proof-of-Receipt Authentication

user info and accounts of police officers

Detailed Contact Status & Information Display

tasks and tickets automated for officers

Automated Task Assignments, Confirmations & Reminders

one-click access to database

Shortcuts to Databases

Managerial reports and dashboards are now critical in measuring things like response times, service level, and defence team effectiveness. Messagenius automatically compiles reports in real-time as messages are sent. When an officer reports back to supervisors or a defence force team contacts the control room, the communication is securely logged and reported.

Location-Based & Emergency Calls

During a mission-critical situation, seconds can mean between life or death. Emergency One-Tap functionality lets officers in the field dispatch an emergency signal with just one touch in a matter of seconds. Signals come time-stamped with real-time location information and the sender’s profile, so control rooms can send the right help immediately.

one-tap emergency signals for police officers
all-integrated messaging app for police, defence and public safety

Integrated Messaging for Defence

Messagenius comes ready-made for software integration. Integration of armed forces systems or productivity tools is easily accomplished using our SDK. Bring all your armed forces communication under one roof. By creating a tightly integrated secure internal communication platform, you’ll ensure that all your missions are successful.


Can the messaging feature be integrated into existing apps?

Yes, Messagenius comes with plug & play integration possibilities in multiple coding languages, including Kotlin, Swift, Ionic, React, Flatter and more. It is also available as a stand-alone app that can be fully customized. You can use messaging APIs and SDKs to build your own messaging solution interface.

Can messages be archived?

Yes. They are automatically archived, the retention of the messages is configurable by the client. Passengers can choose to save their individual chats. The cruise line or app operator can also archive all chats for history and security.

What are the server requirements?

It works with multiple OS systems but we suggest Linux, CentOS, RedHat, or Ubuntu.

Can Messagenius provide a locally installable fallback system?

Messagenius provides a locally installable fallback system as long as there is a network connection between the dispersed locations. It can be done by installing a local server, with the local Wi-Fi. To guarantee the network across multiple dispersed locations, one of the locations will have to work as the main server. Alternatively, it is also possible to do that each location has its own server, and they are federated among each other.

In what programming languages is Messagenius SDK available?

Native iOS: Swift and Objective-C, Native Android: Java and Kotlin, and hybrid approaches like Flutter, Ionic Angular, Ionic React, React Native, Xamarin and more.

Do you have chatbots integrations for customer support?

We don’t provide a chatbot engine, but Messagenius can provide support for integrating with other chatbots.

Is Messagenius a 100% guarantee for no cyberattacks for my company?

No software can provide a guarantee against cyber attacks because the criminals targeting your company are beyond the control of the software provider. However, Messagenius gives you tools to detect and defeat common cyber attacks:
– Phishing scams form around 80% of all reported cyber attacks. These attacks begin with deception aimed at causing someone to reveal personal information that can be used to gain unlawful access to sensitive data. Messagenius helps prevent this by offering a secure environment where phishing is easier to recognize. Also, message information, such as sender, recipient, and network logs, make detection and neutralization much easier.

– Trojan attacks, where software is slipped into the system, usually by email, are the next most common form of attack and may be combined with a phishing scam. Messagenius offers active object scanning and a secure communications platform so your employees can easily recognize when someone is attempting to gain unlawful access or deliver a malicious payload.

– Hacking attacks are ‘classic’ cyber criminal behavior. Messagenius defeats these attacks by using on-premises and private cloud installation. This limits the attack surfaces available to hackers. Providing adequate security and protection for a limited number of attack surfaces is much simpler than trying to defend every device used by anyone in your organization.
So, while we cannot guarantee your organization will not be targeted by a cyber attack, Messagenius does offer a substantial set of tools and a working environment that is more secure than other communications options.

What OS does Messagenius support?

Supported OS:
RHEL 8 (favorite), RHEL 7, CentOS 8, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16+.
Easy deployment available through AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Template, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible.

Messagenius Team can provide support for a self-deploy or installation for the client.

What should I do if I downloaded the demo but I cannot login and Messagenius tells me that the sever is not available and is not reachable?

In such cases, you should check the connectivity of your device. If you are using VPN, Proxy, or your company uses WiFi that blocks external services, you should try loging in without using those services but with 3G/4G connection or using a different device.

What are the system requirements of Messagenius?

There are several ways to host Messagenius and each case is different: usually, a quick call with our technical team will help to define the best path.
A single server can handle thousands of users, but an enterprise-grade setup requires at least two servers, plus a load balancer and a master-slave database.

What guarantees can you provide, if any?

Possible guarantees:
– Service uptime
– Encryption standards
– Deployment to endpoints (like a guarantee of compatibility)
– Regulatory compliance (such as GDPR and/or HIPAA)

Do you provide tech support locally on-premises?

Our first option is to provide remote tech support because this is usually faster, less costly, and effective for resolving many problems. However, we also stand behind our on-premises installations and offer full on-site tech support for problems that can be resolved more efficiently by a specialist visiting the installation site.

What is the difference between the stand-alone app, integration into other software, and SDK/API installation? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each of them?

We offer these three installation and customization options to give our customers options for deployment:
– Deployment as a stand-alone app. This is the fully customized, most powerful version of Messagenius. Any functionalities your organization needs from its instant messenger can be delivered.
— Advantages: Fully customized, powerful, and secure messaging system designed for your needs. The app will be a “white label” environment, which means it will match your company’s branding, colors, and working environment.
— Disadvantages: Customizing the app for your requirements may introduce a small period of time for development.

– Messagenius is available as a software integration for many existing work environments. We can develop Messagenius as an integration to partner with your CRM, for example.
— Advantages: Fully customized, secure messaging system to add to your company’s work processes.
— Disadvantages: Software integrations can result in downtime or extra maintenance if the other software receives an update.

– Messagenius is offered as an SDK & API package you can download and install. These packages offer customers a fast and flexible way to bring the Messagenius software to every endpoint they need.
— Advantages: Available for installation immediately and can be distributed through your systems for installation on the endpoints you require.
— Disadvantages: Some of the APIs and SDKs we offer are ‘standardized’ versions of our software and may not include all the functions of the full Messagenius platform.

How much additional work will my IT department have to devote to Messagenius?

The Messagenius software is developed for each customer, and we provide on-premises installation and customization. This should limit the amount of work your IT department will be required to perform. There are three installation options:
On-premises or private cloud as a stand-alone app. The work of customization and deployment will be done almost entirely by our team of specialists.
Software integration with your existing services. With this method, we will make every effort to ensure compatibility and operations. Some tweaking may be required.
Installation through SDK or API is possible and we support these options. Additional installation and integration work may be needed by your IT department.
Messagenius is fully customizable, so we do all we can to ensure Messagenius is completely ready to use immediately.

On what devices can I use Messagenius?

Any. It’s compatible with iOS, MacOs, Android, Windows phone and PC, and can be used on smartphones, computers, tablets, smartwatches, or on the web.

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