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Improve your company productivity

Messagenius is a secure enterprise messagingsolution for both the private and public sectors.
Use your team chat app as as a tool for improving workflow and productivity.

Optimise Team Productivity

Workplace productivity depends on quick, reliable, secure business instant messaging. Messagenius offers a wide range of tools, features, and functionality to help meet your productivity goals. Increase productivity with simpler interactions, faster communications, and smarter work across teams and individuals.

Instant Info Exchange

From text messages to documents and photos, users can share any form of information instantly. Exchange enterprise material and knowledge with the Messagenius secure messaging solution.


Save time and remain focused by sending secure messages to colleagues in an instant with Messagenius private messenger.


Exchange files and documents in seconds with our secure, leak-proof encrypted messaging app.


Our patented one-tap system lets you send voice messages in a single click. Say goodbye to long calls and emails.


Need colleagues or co-workers to know your specific location in real-time? Send a location pin when you're too busy to chat.

Photos & Videos

Pictures are worth a thousand words - and videos even more so. Send visual content to increase productivity and collaboration.


Organise meetings and events directly with Messagenius. Send invitations, create groups, and coordinate dates/times/venues.

Smart Contact Lists

Messagenius automatically creates seamless contact lists for faster, more productive communication. All contacts get placed in a sleek, easy-to-navigate contact interface to help locate people quickly and enhance productivity. Filter contacts in just a few clicks using standard, advanced, or custom search criteria.
Search your smart contacts on the basis of factors like:
  • Areas
  • Departments
  • Roles
  • Skill Sets
  • Location

Department Accounts

Create shared accounts for specific departments, teams, or projects. Whether it’s marketing, HR, or finance, department accounts give teams a dedicated chat space for secure internal communication. Dedicated users can manage accounts and communicate on behalf of their entire department. Organise channels by #team or #topic.

Workflow Optimisation

One of the most powerful ways to improve productivity is utilising Messagenius’ workflow features and integration. When key documents are exchanged or important messages received, automatically trigger next actions or communications. Improving workflow and productivity results are core to the Messagenius secure enterprise messaging solution.

Security & Data Ownership

Seamless Integration

Special Features

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