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On-premises Business Messaging for Employees

Messagenius is the self-hosted secure business messaging app for employees enabling smooth workflows and rapid communication even on remote

100% GDPR-Compliance.
Complete Data Ownership.

Messagenius is all about true data ownership, security and privacy.
We don’t involve third parties to store, access or use your data. And Messagenius itself doesn’t have the access to your data.

About Messagenius security

Everything you expect from a messaging app

Just like any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows your office and remote workers to communicate fast & effectively: send text & voice messages, photos, videos, and docs directly from the field, also sending requests or reporting to the control room to optimise time & efforts:

  • Text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Emergency signals
  • And much more…
instant messaging app for work, text, files, docs, location, voice messages

Private On-Premises or Cloud Installation

No matter what type of installation you choose, Messagenius guarantees that your enterprise data is safe. We focus on clear data ownership, security, and enterprise privacy.

Choose from three private hosting options:

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on your enterprise private server for total data ownership and physical security.

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Enterprise private cloud

where you retain data ownership and enjoy the efficiency of cloud operations.

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Messagenius cloud server

created and dedicated for your sole enterprise use.

Ready-Made for Integration

Integrate Messagenius right out of the box with your existing software tools. Finally, a secure enterprise all in one messenger that simplifies communication throughout different business processes./p>

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Broadcast Blast Messages

Send one message to the entire workforce in one click. Broadcast information to each member in your enterprise just with one blast message, such as:

  • Weekly updates
  • Team-building session
  • Software update news
  • Annual Party

Broadcast messages are an easy way to keep everyone in the loop.

Discover all our features for leaders and C-suite enabling smart management in any workplace.

#Channels for Organized Chats with Colleagues

Organise all your discussions into channels on any #topic you want to share with your colleagues. Channels are an easy way to gather your peers and teammates to share info on #IT_updates, #Weekly_news, #HR_dept, or simply #After_work plans.

channels for group discussions
contact lists with filters for quick search

Smart Contact Lists

Smart contact lists with customised filters for fast search and rapid outreach. Make your communication productive with easy-to-navigate contact directory that allows to find the right contact in just a few clicks using any custom search criteria and contact's property:
  • Areas
  • Departments
  • Roles
  • Skill Sets
  • Location
  • Projects


Black Box Chats

Know when, what, and to whom all the conversations have been sent within your enterprise. Messagenius Black Box Chats are always certified between sender and recipient. All messages are time stamped and come with a mandatory proof-of-receipt.

About Messagenius security


Black Hole Chats

Protect your most sensitive data with Black Hole chats. Messagenius Black Hole conversations do not pass through any servers and leave no trace of their existence. Set up a timer, and once your message is open, the message always self-destructs and cannot be recalled from the server.

About Messagenius security

Tailored Corporate
White-Label App

Keep your app's user experience and interface in sync with your brand identity. Get a custom private messenger that reflects the values and vision of your organization.

Get your on-premises business messaging for teams now!

Secure your internal communication with our on-premises secure solution for businesses. With Messagenius your employees are able to communicate rapidly, securely, and efficiently on a daily basis.

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What is the difference between Messagenius and Telegram, WhatsApp or Messenger?

From the security perspective, Messagenius offers on-premises installation and gives complete data ownership to the client. In terms of the UI and UX, Messagenius offers all the same intuitive and friendly UI/UX together with additional customizable features for boosting the user experience and optimizing the communications within the app.

Can messages be archived?

Yes. They are automatically archived, the retention of the messages is configurable by the client. Passengers can choose to save their individual chats. The cruise line or app operator can also archive all chats for history and security.

Do all the contacts/employees from the contact list can contact each other? Can a worker on-field contact the CEO of the company, if they’re on the same contact list? Can it be prevented somehow?

Messagenius offers complete customization of our product. This means you can decide how users in your organization can contact one another. We achieve this through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory functions. Thus, we can organize all the contacts in your company based on their roles. A standard configuration allows lower level employees to reach out horizontally, but limits their vertical communications. Higher level managers can communicate with anyone in the company. However, this is fully customizable, so if your business would benefit from a different organization, then this is possible to achieve.

If the CEO can look and monitor the chats between employees, can the other employees do the same?

User access and data review can be configured in any way that suits your company’s operating requirements. The software can be configured so that only one person has access for oversight. Equally, it is possible to configure the software so that data can be reviewed and managed by multiple people, such as the Chief Information Officer or Chief Technological Officer.

What is a temporary 007-like chat?

A temporary secure chat is a completely private chat between two people that cannot be monitored and disappears as soon as the business is concluded. These chats are designed to happen between two endpoints, such as two mobile devices or two computers. They are not transmitted through any 3rd party servers, software, or platforms. Once the conversation is finished, the data is erased and there is no record of the conversation.

What is a black hole chat?

By Black Hole Chat is a disappearing chat or a single message that can be permanently and irrevocably destroyed. To make it work, you send a message with a timer. Once the message is opened, the timer begins. After the timer finishes, the message is destroyed and disappears forever. Since it has not passed through any other communications system, like a 3rd party instant messaging platform, every record of its existence can be eliminated.

What is a “black box” chat?

Black box chat is a Messagenius feature that records every message and chat. When a message is sent, the sender, recipient, and contents are recorded. Messages sent within a black box chat also come with a mandatory proof of receipt. Once the message and its data have been created, the recorded data cannot be erased.

Does Messagenius have SSO (Single Sign-On)?

Yes, we offer built-in APIs to enable SSO (Single Sign-On) for customers.

How can I provide access to a new user, or delete a user from the system?

In the beginning, you can provide a list of your users, including their names and email addresses. We will create accounts and credentials for your users so they can access the system. After installation, user management can be controlled by the people to whom your organization has given this permission.

Why is Messagenius better than WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, or Slack?

Only with Messagenius you own the data and can control communication, because Messagenius is directly installed on your company’s server, and our customizable features allows you, as the top-manager, monitor the data exchanged as the supervisor. Plus, we adjust to our client’s needs, so we can add/remove/change particular features upon request being very flexible and customizable. Also we have the patented one-tap voice message system, which allows you to send voice messages with 1 tap (instead of 3 as in any instant messaging app). None of the apps above (WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, or Slack) allow you to do so, because they are designed in a way to make you adjust to them, not them adjusting to you. And most importantly, none of them allows you for data ownership and control, so all your data exchanged through those apps is not protected at all.

What are the disadvantages of Messagenius?

We are biased, but we don’t think there are any disadvantages of Messagenius. One reality many enterprises face is the time to deployment. Messagenius, in its fully customized stages, is not an “off the shelf” product. Companies using a fully tailored installation of Messagenius may have to plan for a short period of development prior to installation.

What are the special features for top managers? What can you offer me?

Managers can use several specific features to improve communication and coordination: – Black box chats are available to make a permanent recording of conversations. – Black hole chats are the opposite, and allow conversations to be permanently deleted. – Broadcast messages can be sent to everyone in a group or the entire organization. Many other features can be customized for your use. If there is a special function you would like to improve your management or communication, then Messagenius can deliver it for you.