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Messagenius: Your Secure On-Premise Skype for Business Alternative

Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business, and from 2024, Skype for Business on-premise will cease to exist. But no panic! Messagenius is the secure alternative your company needs.


Say Goodbye to Skype for Business – Embrace Messagenius: On-Premise Messaging

We provide a secure on-premise chat solution, ensuring your communication is resilient and in your control. With Messagenius, your employees can chat instantly, share files, make calls and have group discussion with no compromise on security or data ownership.


Messagenius offers unparalleled flexibility. Choose on-premise installation, deployment on your servers, or in the cloud. You have complete data ownership, giving you peace of mind that there are no third parties having access to your data.


Messagenius goes beyond basic communication. Boost productivity with features designed to streamline your daily operations. Instant messaging, calls, tailored workflows, and more – all geared towards maintaining high efficiency.


We are more than a solution; we are your solution. Messagenius is a white label platform, fully customizable for each client. From look and feel to UI/UX and encryption levels, we tailor our solution to meet your unique needs.

Private On-Premises or Cloud Installation

No matter what type of installation you choose, Messagenius guarantees that your enterprise data is safe. We focus on clear data ownership, security, and enterprise privacy.

Choose from three private hosting options:

on-premise installation icon


on your enterprise private server for total data ownership and physical security.

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Enterprise private cloud

where you retain data ownership and enjoy the efficiency of cloud operations.

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Messagenius cloud server

created and dedicated for your sole enterprise use.

Own Your Data with
Private Encryption Keys

Messagenius operates a unique encryption key system. We hand over the encryption keys to you, and from then on, no one has access to your data except you.

As an extra layer of protection, we allow enterprises to have multiple holders of encryption keys. Splitting control minimizes the risk for data leak.

Tailored Corporate
White-Label App

Keep your app's user experience and interface in sync with your brand identity. Get a custom private messenger that reflects the values and vision of your organization.

What Sets Messagenius Apart as an On-premise Skype for Business Alternative?

Unmatched Security

  • On-premise, cloud, or your servers – your data, your rules.
  • Retain complete control over your communication infrastructure – no third parties.

Productivity Boost

  • Dedicated features and custom workflows for your seamless daily operations.
  • Instant chats and calls to keep your team connected, always and everywhere.

Fully Customizable

  • White label solution tailored to your brand.
  • From the look and feel, UI/UX, to the features and encryption levels, we adapt to your use case.

Effortless Integration for Seamless Operations

Messagenius smoothly integrates into your existing software ecosystem, including intranets, task managers, CRMs, corporate communications platforms, and other internal systems through our versatile SDK. We ensure harmonious collaboration with your established internal processes.

Achieve GDPR Compliance with Full Data Ownership and Clear Data Sovereignty

Messagenius is 100% compliant with GDPR and leak proof. We do not involve third parties to store, access or use your data. Even the team at Messagenius itself does not have access to your data.

Secure by Design

Messagenius has been designed to protect your data at the individual and enterprise level.

Data Ownership

Messagenius gives you complete control over where and how your data is stored.

Messagenius gives organizations a platform for secure business storage of data and compliance with every GDPR statute.

Act Now, Secure Your Future

Don’t Wait Until 2024 – Make the Switch Today!

Messagenius isn’t just a replacement of Skype for Business; it’s an upgrade, securing your communication and boosting productivity. Get Messagenius on-premise today to ensure your future is not only secure but tailored for success.


What are the alternatives to Skype for Business On-premise?

While there are many alternatives to Skype for Business, Messagenius on-premise solution stands out as the optimal choice for larger businesses and enterprises. Messagenius offers a comprehensive suite of features, including instant chats, calls, groups, white-labelling, and advanced options perfectly suited for large-scale communication within organizations. With Messagenius you get the following benefits:

1 – Security:
Private installation on-premise, private cloud or server, excluding third parties from your data access to comply with all the data policies and secure your internal communications.

2 – Focused Team Productivity:
Leverage chat rooms designed for focused team productivity, facilitating efficient collaboration and streamlined communication.

3 – Internal Communication Tools for Managers:
Empower managers with robust internal organization. They have full control to create groups, set permissions per user, and manage multiple teams effortlessly.

4 – Scalability:
Messagenius supports an unlimited number of users, ensuring seamless communication for businesses of any size.

What security measures does Messagenius offer for on-premise communication?

Messagenius prioritizes security for on-premise communication. By providing on-premise installation options, deployment on clients’ servers, or in the cloud, organizations have the flexibility to choose the environment that aligns with their security preferences. Additionally, Messagenius ensures complete data ownership, giving users peace of mind with robust security features.

Can Messagenius be customized to fit our organization’s unique needs?

Absolutely. Unlike skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack or similar, Messagenius is a white-label solution, fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each client. From the look and feel, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), to the ad-hoc features, tailored workflows, and encryption, Messagenius adapts to align seamlessly with your organization’s distinct needs and branding.

Can Messagenius be tested on-premise or offer an on-premise demo?

Absolutely. Messagenius understands the importance of testing and evaluating our solution in your specific environment. Hence, we offer Proof of Concept (PoC) plan with a flexible duration, allowing you to install Messagenius on-premise and conduct a thorough evaluation over an agreed-upon period.

To get started, simply request an on-premise demo from our team. We will promptly arrange a meeting to prepare the installation package tailored to your on-premise testing needs. This hands-on experience guarantees a firsthand understanding of how Messagenius aligns with and enhances your specific requirements. If you prefer a quicker evaluation, we also offer a free demo hosted on our servers, providing an overview of Messagenius features and functionality.

To initiate on-premise testing or request a demo, please contact our team at contact@messagenius.com, and we’ll be glad to assist you in experiencing Messagenius firsthand within your specific setup.