Secure Instant Messaging for Remote Workforce

Available as a white-label app, or a messaging integration via SDK.
With on-premise, private server/cloud installation, Messagenius ensures all the data stays in-house, exclusively owned by the client.

  • Instant field communication & real-time progress tracking
  • Direct & reverse connection with control rooms and field workers
  • Tasks automation, incident room, chat exports, and more
chats app for field workers

Keeping Field Workers Connected & Productive

Field workforce teams keep the world we know operating smoothly. From maintaining cellular towers to repairing heating and air conditioning units, communicating with workers in the field is essential to getting the job done.

Messaging App

Make field workers always connected for quick problem solving, easy reporting, instant chats with control rooms, and more

Seamless Integration

Messagenius as a messaging system into your software to make workers connected and ensure smooth workflows

GDPR Ccompliant

Keeping data on-premise, under our client’s exclusive ownership, Messagenius makes each client enterprise 100% compliant

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image sharing from the field to the control rooms

Everything you expect from a messaging app

Just like any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows field workers to communicate fast & effectively: send text & voice messages, photos, videos, and docs directly from the field, also sending requests or reporting to the control room to optimise time & efforts. Use a secure messaging service to keep messages safe from hackers and competitors.

  • Text
  • Voice message
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Emergency signals
  • And much more…

Enhanced Field Team Communication

We’ve designed some unique features for admins and managers that make it easy to manage remote workers from the control room:

Priority Messages

Set “High priority” for a message containing important information, and the message will be highlighted in the chat to drag more attention to the your information or request

pinned important messages at the top of a chat list
fingerprint, Face ID, passwords to open and read messages

Proof-of-receipt & Biometric Authentication

Made for highly confidential information to ensure your message is read by the right person: set fingerprint decryption to be notified of who and when read your message

Administrative Control Room Features

Messagenius provides a direct line of communication between field workers and the control room. We’ve designed unique features for admins and managers that make it easy to manage remote workers from the control room:

control room grid view dashboard for field services

Create Incident Room

Field workers can create an incident room chat in one click. The control room together with the relevant on-field & off-field workers are automatically added to the chat. The summary of incident room contains all the necessary info – users, roles, location, and problem description, – so each chat member is updated from the beginning

incident room group chat for on field workers in emergency
one-to-many broadcast messages

Blast Messages

Dedicated users and operators from control room can broadcast blast messages to inform everyone at the same time. Just one message and one click on “Blast message”, and everyone is notified, instead of selecting recipients from endless contact lists

Fully Automate Task Assignments and Reminder

Preset tasks buttons allow field workers to pick up the tasks and get assigned directly from the chat. In case of any changes, a worker can delegate the task to any available team member. All the interactions are simplified, automated and monitored from the control room

preset tasks for automation