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GDPR Compliant for Secure Workforce Messaging

Keeping Mobile Field Service Teams Connected and Productive

Field service technicians and the mobile workforce teams keep the world we know operating smoothly. From maintaining cellular towers to repairing heating and air conditioning units, communicating with workers in the field is essential to getting the job done.
Messagenius is a white-label, secure enterprise instant messaging solution for field service and mobile workforce communication. Messagenius is designed with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile teams in mind and enables instant field communication with real-time progress tracking.

Enhanced Field Team Communication

Keep mobile workers and field service technicians engaged and connected with a sleek, intuitive user-interface on-par with popular consumer messaging apps. Messagenius is device-agnostic, perfect for the BYOD field workplace. End-to-end encryption keys ensure that only authorised parties view confidential messages and material.
Install Messagenius as a cloud-based enterprise messaging app or as an on-premise solution for an added layer of security. Messagenius guarantees full, 100 percent data ownership to all customers. Whether it’s building access codes or confidential technical specifications, Messagenius is one of the most secure messaging solutions for the mobile workforce.

Administrative Control Room Features

Messagenius is a secure chat app that provides a direct line of communication between mobile field service workers and the control room. We’ve designed some unique features for admins and managers that make it easy to manage remote workers from the control room:
  • Send Priority Messages and Special Alerts to Teams
  • Create Management Dashboards & Usage Reports
  • Require Proof-of-Receipt & Biometric Authentication
  • Fully Automate Task Assignments and Reminder
  • Send Blast Messages to the Entire Workforce
Messagenius gives admins and managers full control over all internal business communication for mobile workforce teams while maintaining full GDPR compliance.

Exchange Info Instantly

Quick exchange of messages, one-tap signals, chat rooms, 1:many broadcast messages, and much more!




Voice Messages


Chat Rooms


Blast Messages

Messagenius Creates Real Benefits in Mobile Workforce Management


Be on track with your field workers and manage the process from remote. Field workers can share their location together with their messages, files, audios, videos, and other info throughout the day to get a complete picture of work status and progress.


Messagenius comes ready to integrate with any software or technology. Field service management software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and local intranets are all compatible with Messagenius. Bring every department, field crew, service team, and third-party together under one secure enterprise messaging platform.


Integrate Messagenius into your task management software and workflow. Keep up to date on to-do’s of your mobile workforce, and receive notifications when tasks are completed and checked off. Say goodbye to guessing games or waiting for a reply to know when a job is complete. Messagenius combines private messaging with easy task manager functionality.


Messagenius connects your field workforce with control rooms, admin staff, and other departments. A simple, sleek user interface (UI) provides an easy-to-use secure chat app for members of any team or department. Whether it’s messages, videos, files, or location, your field service team will stay closely connected to the rest of the company.


Receive instant reporting and gain visibility into all instant message chat history. Once a task is complete, it’s added to a managerial activity report. Chat history reports let you see who was involved in a job and what happened. Any texts, photos, videos, audio, or location data in the chat are fully visible on Messagenius reports. Message sent means message reported.


In an emergency, delayed responses mean anything from damaged equipment to serious injury. One-Tap emergency functionality lets workers broadcast an emergency signal in seconds. Signals are marked with a timestamp, location pin, and the sender’s profile. Control rooms and emergency crews are automatically notified for rapid response.

Efficient Mobile Workforce Management

Speed and security are of the utmost importance in managing mobile field teams. Messagenius provides quick, easy communication along with the highest standards in safety and privacy.  As a mobile field manager, you’ll be in real-time contact with and control of your mobile field workforce at all times.
Be alerted to high-priority issues as they arise and track all remote work progress. Support field staff by instantly sending pictures, videos, or documents to help get the job done. And any data that needs to remain private – like your personal home phone number – is hidden from view on our secure enterprise messaging platform.


Be on track with your on-field workers and manage the process from remote. No need to wait until your on-field team reports you on the work done – simply exchange messages during the work process, and Messagenius will be recording the entire workflow after each work session.


Messagenius can be integrated into any software, CRM, Task Manager, Intranets, and so on, to ensure integrated communication among various departments, teams, on-field crews, and third parties. Fast and rapid communication is the key to successful team performance for any job.


Messagenius allows to track the tasks completed, with notifications arriving every time an item from Tasks List was ticked. No need to exchange long messages to explain WHAT, HOW and WHEN – task ticked, and the control room is already aware of the work done, and on-going processes.


Make your on-field workers connected via Messagenius. Simple and intuitive UI and UX allows your workers to be on-line with control rooms or any department instantly and easily just by exchanging messages, videos, files or even location to inform rapidly and continue work.


Messagenius can be integrated into any software, CRM, Task Manager, Intranets, and so on, to ensure integrated communication among various departments, teams, on-field crews, and third parties. Fast and rapid communication is the key to successful team performance for any job.


In case of emergency, on-field workers will be able to send emergency signal just in ONE PUSH that will always be featured with timestamps, location, and sender’s profile – all this will be received by control rooms, managers or dedicated emergency crews. One tap in any emergency situation be crucial, and Messagenius assists you to cope with emergencies effectively.
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