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Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare and Hospitals

Messagenius is a secure, white-label private messaging app for hospitals and healthcare providers. Make hospital staff communication simple and easy, with an intuitive user experience tailored to your brand. Ensure secure message delivery when handling or transmitting confidential patient data and medical records. The wide range of Messagenius features are designed to boost productivity and keep confidential patient data safe and secure.

Messagenius is ready to support every medical professional facing COVID-19 in the front line.

Now in hospitals communication is a matter of life or death. Contact us to get more information on how Messagenius can assist doctors in accomplishing their mission.

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Your Messaging Hub for Hospital Staff Communication

Total Security & Compliance

All staff, doctor, and patient communication data stays only with - and is owned exclusively by - the hospital or facility. Receive top-level cloud server security or install Messagenius as an on-premise solution. Either way, data stays private, secure, and completely owned by you. Messagenius uses end-to-end encryption keys and is 100 percent GDPR compliant.

Seamless Patient Bookings

Integrate Messagenius into your hospital booking system and appointment booking workflow. Patients can schedule appointments directly from secure doctor-patient communication chats, streamlining the appointment booking process for doctors, patients, and administrators. Book more patients in less time - and confusion - with Messagenius.

Smarter Team Management

Managing hospital and healthcare teams just got a lot smarter. Messagenius’ special admin features give managers visibility into all hospital staff and hospital booking communication. Department heads also can send blast messages to the entire staff in an instant. Messagenius is more than just messaging - it’s a flexible team management app.

Simplified Communication

Between phone calls, emails, and online bookings, it’s easy for hospital staff to get communication overload. Messagenius is a team messaging app for hospitals that makes day-to-day conversations fast and easy. Avoid endless email strings and lengthy con calls with a single app where you’re just a quick tap and send away from colleagues or patients.

Call-to-Action Messaging

Messagenius helps doctors and hospital staff manage patients and get more done with Call-to-Action (CTA) messaging. Pre-define automated CTA messages for various points in the patient journey, like “Confirm Appointment,” “Accept this Patient,” or “Acknowledge Instructions.” CTA messaging saves hospital staff time by minimizing steps and paperwork.

Team & Topic Channels

Messagenius channel functionality is on par with other top enterprise instant messaging systems on the market. Create #topic chats to discuss the latest issues with the right people. Organize channels by team (#HR), location (#RoyalHospital), specialty (#Pediatrics), or other custom criteria. Enable more collaborative problem-solving with Messagenius channels.

Searchable Contact Directory

Easily filter, find, and message any individual hospital staff member with Messagenius as your healthcare messaging app. Contacts are presented in a smart, intuitive way that gives users all the information they need. Each person’s role, department, and contact info are displayed, along with availability status. Also add custom criteria to how contacts appear in the directory.

Emergency Notifications

For hospitals, communication sometimes is a matter of life or death. That’s why Messagenius has dedicated functionality for instant emergency notifications. Send a signal to emergency crews that you need support in a single click. Messages are automatically assigned to the right group chat with audio, video, or location pin so crews can act fast.

Take a Safe, Smart, and Integrated Approach to Healthcare Messaging

Messagenius for Secure Doctor-Patient Communication

Physician Availability & Scheduling

Messagenius functions as your remote customer care app when it comes to patients and doctors. Patients can quickly view availability and working hours for each doctor, and integrates with your patient booking system for easy appointment scheduling. No more phone-ins for appointments, mistaken double-bookings, or admins swamped with mountains of paperwork.

Real-Time Remote Consultancy

Patients stay in closer communication with their doctors than ever with Messagenius remote hospital consultancy functions. Doctors can easily send documents, videos, or audio related to treatment and medication. Patients can also receive easy-to-read, PDF exportable summaries of their case. Make remote, easy consultancy a reality with Messagenius secure text messaging for healthcare.

Instant Interactive Messaging

The Messagenius secure messaging system for healthcare adds more depth and context to doctor-patient communication. Patients can describe symptoms, injuries, or recovery progress by sending pictures, videos, or audio files instantly from within the app. Doctors get a clearer picture of what’s wrong, so they can quickly prescribe the right treatment. And all messages are secured with end-to-end encryption to maintain the utmost privacy.

Patient Customer Care Chat

Messagenius takes the pain out of communication in customer care for everyone involved. Patients can quickly chat with hospital admins to make booking changes or request an emergency appointment. Doctors and admins can then easily collect pre-appointment information via chat. Managers and admins can also broadcast mass messages to address all-staff customer care issues. Keep patients happy and staff running smoothly.
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