self-hosted | onshore & offshore communications | white label | integrated

Messaging App
for Cruise Lines

Allow your crew and guests onboard to chat though the custom messaging app offered as a stand-alone solution or integration into other apps and software

self-hosted | onshore & offshore communications | white label | integrated

Messaging App for Cruise Lines

Allow your crew and guests onboard to chat though the custom messaging app offered as a stand-alone solution or integration into other apps and software

Enhance Your Guest Experience Onboard with a White Label Secure Messaging App

Offer your guests a secure messaging app that lets them stay updated on their cruise, keep in touch with their friends, and connect with new people on their travels. Captains and crew can use the same app to broadcast updates, plan excursions, and manage the comfort of the guests.

All of this we offer in “White Label” to customise the app with your logo, branding, tailored UI and features for the unforgettable experience on your boat.


on Board & Ground




under your BRAND only


with other APPS

Made to Connect

    Chats for travel companions and family members on board
    Fast & effective comms among crew & staff members
    Tailored for rapid customer care and concierge services

Everything you expect from a messaging app

Just like any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows your office and remote workers to communicate fast & effectively: send text & voice messages, photos, videos, and docs directly from the field, also sending requests or reporting to the control room to optimise time & efforts:

Text messages
Voice messages
Emergency signals
And much more...

Boosts Your Guest Experience by Adding Secure Instant Messaging Onboard

Communicate Clearly with Instant Ship Updates

Every guest wants to know what is happening with the ship. You can schedule daily updates for everyone, create instant broadcasts to communicate changes, and keep everyone informed with ship-wide channels.

Create Channels for Guest Experiences

Going away on an excursion? There’s a channel for that. Planning to join the evening black tie dinner? There’s a channel for that, too. Create and communicate via channels to inform and inspire your guests about their interests and activities.

Make New Friends on the Voyage

Guests can have full control over who they connect with, so they can share their details via email, phone number, or a QR code designed for your cruise. Every guest keeps full control of their privacy and availability.

Share Stories Along the Way

Create and moderate #public channels to help your guests share their stories. They can add pictures and videos to share their funny, inspiring, or relaxing moments. Moderators can easily track messages and keep the tone of the chats on point.

Get Parental Control Settings for the Security of Your Dearest

Thanks to the adjustable user permissions and privileges, parents are granted the admin rights to manage settings for kids and family members.

Messagenius Offers The Best Instant Messaging Solution

Keep Everyone on Blast

Sometimes you just need to get the word out quickly. Use the broadcast feature to get new orders, updates, or feedback to everyone in the crew instantly. This feature is available to admins, captains, or other designated users.

Create Channels for Guest Services

You can set up a different #channel for each department to maximize your service efficiency. The concierge staff can have their own chat to monitor guest comfort while the catering team uses their chat to plan the next meal.

Respond Quickly to Incidents

You can form an incident room to create a response team instantly. Create the room, add the users, and send the first message. It’s that simple, that fast, and secure communication could be critical when something goes wrong.

Launch Your Next Cruise with Better Communication

Contact the team at Messagenius to discuss how to get started. Our experts can work with you to design a complete, secure messaging service for your crew and passengers. When we’re done, your cruise line’s livery will be integrated into the app to reinforce your brand at every opportunity.


Can I call for emergencies in Messagenius?

Yes, we can customize interfaces for single gesture actions that can be used for emergencies or quick requests (i.e. call doctor on boat, call a waiter, call police on boat, etc)

With whom can I communicate on Messagenius?

Guests can have restricted communication with their dedicated group, or extend the communication to other guests and staff.

Does Messagenius have channels?

Yes, Messagenius allows the creation of channels which can be configured by the cruise line client. The cruise liner can create channels for the guests based on different topics or themes, and make the channel creation also available to the guests for socializing and networking.

Can I send audio and voice messages with Messagenius?

Yes, Messagenius has a patented one-tap voice message UI that ‌simplifies the UX and allows for recording and sending an audio/voice message just by pushing and releasing one button.

Can I send videos on Messagenius?

Yes, you can take a photo or a video from the camera and send it directly via Messagenius, or you can send videos or photos from the gallery.

What if a guest faces a problem on the Messagenius app while offshore – who provides the customer support?

We provide maximum efforts to train our customers’ staff to provide the support. We can also offer 24/7 support to our clients if requested.

Can the guests block other guests on Messagenius?

Yes. Guests have full control over their contact lists and who may interact with them during their cruise.

On what devices can Messagenius work offshore?

The stand-alone version and embedded version of Messagenius are available on any device. They work in iOS and Android. The embedded version with our SDK and API is available on any device as and it is also available on MacOS and Windows for the staff and control rooms. Crew, staff, customer care and control rooms mostly use the desktop and web versions of the software.

Will the user need to download Messagenius?

In most cases, our customers (cruise liners) choose to provide the chat as an embedded feature in their existing guest apps. Messagenius can also be distributed as a separate stand-alone app under your own brand.

Can the user change the activity status to “do not disturb?”

Yes, guests can regulate and set their activity status to make sure they do not get contacted when they do not want to. The activity statuses range from active, away, and do not disturb and can be customized further by each cruise line client.

Can I create group chats?

Yes, you can create group chats with your family members, friends, and other participants of tours.

Do I need to use my personal contact info: email, phone number, or SM to register in Messagenius?

There is no registration to Messagenius with personal information. The user has a chat profile in the guest app. This profile can be linked to information specified by the boat owner or cruise operator. For example, guests could register with a passenger number or booking ID instead of their real name or contact information.

Can I post stories or status in Messagenius like in WhatsApp or Instagram?

Yes, you can create stories, visible to friends and family or to everyone. The cruise or boat operator can also create public channels for sharing excursion highlights and cruise memories.

Does Messagenius have parental control?

Yes, thanks to the adjustable user permissions and privileges, parents are granted the admin rights to manage settings for kids and family members.

Can I do calls and video calls with other guests on the boat?

Yes, it’s a beta feature that can be tested onshore and offshore. This feature will be fully developed upon the client’s requests.

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