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What is the difference between the stand-alone app, integration into other software, and SDK/API installation? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each of them?

We offer these three installation and customization options to give our customers options for deployment: – Deployment as a stand-alone app. This is the fully customized, most powerful version of Messagenius. Any functionalities your organization needs from its instant messenger can be delivered. — Advantages: Fully customized, powerful, and secure messaging system designed for your needs. The app will be a “white label” environment, which means it will match your company’s branding, colors, and working environment. — Disadvantages: Customizing the app for your requirements may introduce a small period of time for development. – Messagenius is available as a software integration for many existing work environments. We can develop Messagenius as an integration to partner with your CRM, for example. — Advantages: Fully customized, secure messaging system to add to your company’s work processes. — Disadvantages: Software integrations can result in downtime or extra maintenance if the other software receives an update. – Messagenius is offered as an SDK & API package you can download and install. These packages offer customers a fast and flexible way to bring the Messagenius software to every endpoint they need. — Advantages: Available for installation immediately and can be distributed through your systems for installation on the endpoints you require. — Disadvantages: Some of the APIs and SDKs we offer are ‘standardized’ versions of our software and may not include all the functions of the full Messagenius platform.

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