On-premises or Private Cloud Messaging

Secure Messaging for Teams in Office & on Remote

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Let your colleagues stay productive regardless their workplace. With the secure messaging for teams work can happen everywhere.

Messagenius is the secure instant messaging app for secure and rapid collaboration among teams in any workplace and on remote. Make your communication secure, effective, smooth and productive.

  • On-premises, private server or cloud installation
  • Centralised control and smart management
  • SDK integration into other software
instant messaging app for work, text, files, docs, location, voice messages

100% GDPR-Compliance. Complete Data Ownership.

Messagenius is all about true data ownership, security and privacy.
We don’t involve third parties to store, access or use your data. And Messagenius itself doesn’t have the access to your data.

Private On-Premises or Cloud Installation

No matter what type of installation you choose, Messagenius guarantees that your enterprise data is safe – and totally yours, stored in-house. To guarantee your enterprise data security, Messagenius can be installed:

On-premise, on your enterprise private server
On your enterprise private cloud
On Messagenius' server/cloud created and dedicated to your enterprise only

Want to see all the security aspects of Messagenius?

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Everything you expect from a messaging app

Just like any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows your office and remote workers to communicate fast & effectively: send text & voice messages, photos, videos, and docs directly from the field, also sending requests or reporting to the control room to optimise time & efforts:

  • Text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Emergency signals
  • And much more…
voice messages, emojis, location, text messages, chats, media files and docs

Ready-Made for Integration

Integrate Messagenius into your existing software tools using our SDK.

Have a unified communication and smooth workflows across your entire enterprise with our instant messaging, allowing to keep all our remote workers connected and updated at any time.

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Management Dashboard

Have all the communications and interactions among your colleagues in one centralised panel. Team leaders, C-suite, HR team, and all Admin users can view and analyse the messages sent and tasks completed on one dashboard.

centralised panel, management dashboard

Get the most secure messaging for your team

Let Messagenius be the instant messaging solution for your teams to work efficiently, and stay connected no matter the workplace. All the data remains on your private server/cloud, under your exclusive control. Collaboration among the teams has never been so easy.

Make your team happy today.

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