On-premises Business Messaging for Employees

Make your internal communication secure and effective with our secure business messaging tool for teams

Messagenius is the self-hosted secure business messaging app for employees enabling smooth workflows and rapid communication even on remote


Messagenius is 100% GDPR-compliant and Leak-proof.
We don’t involve third parties to store, access or use your data. And Messagenius itself doesn’t have the access to your data.

Everything you expect from a messaging app

Just like any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows your office and remote workers to communicate fast & effectively: send text & voice messages, photos, videos, and docs directly from the field, also sending requests or reporting to the control room to optimise time & efforts:

  • Text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Emergency signals
  • And much more…
instant messaging app for work, text, files, docs, location, voice messages

Private On-Premises or Cloud Installation

No matter what type of installation you choose, Messagenius guarantees that your enterprise data is safe – and totally yours, stored in-house. To guarantee your enterprise data security, Messagenius can be installed:

On-premise, on your enterprise private server
On your enterprise private cloud
On Messagenius' server/cloud created and dedicated to your enterprise only

Ready-Made for Integration

Integrate Messagenius right out of the box with your existing software tools. Finally, a secure enterprise all in one messenger that simplifies communication throughout different business processes.

Broadcast Blast Messages

Send one message to the entire workforce in one click. Broadcast information concerning each member in your enterprise just with one blast message, such as "Weekly updates", "Team building session", "Software update news", "Annual Party", and others.

Discover all our features for leaders and C-suite enabling smart management in any workplace.


Organise all your discussions in channels on any #topic you want to share with your colleagues. An easy way to gather your peers and teammates to share info on #IT_updates, #Weekly_news, #HR_dept, or simply #After_work plans.

channels for group discussions
contact lists with filters for quick search

Smart Contact Lists

Messagenius automatically creates seamless contact lists for faster, more productive communication. All contacts get placed in a sleek, easy-to-navigate contact interface to help locate people quickly and enhance productivity. Filter contacts in just a few clicks using standard, advanced, or custom search criteria.
Search your smart contacts on the basis of factors like:
  • Areas
  • Departments
  • Roles
  • Skill Sets
  • Location

Chat "Scatola Nera"


Sapere con certezza quando le conversazioni sono state inviate e a chi utilizzando le chiavi di crittografia. Messagenius Black Box Chats sono sempre certificati tra mittente e destinatario. Tutti i messaggi sono contrassegnati con data e ora e vengono forniti con un messaggio di proof-of-receipt obbligatorio.


Chat "Buco nero"


Proteggi i tuoi dati più sensibili con le chat Black Hole. Le conversazioni di Messagenius Black Hole non viaggiano attraverso nessun server e non lasciano traccia della loro esistenza. Imposta messaggi autodistruttivi per assicurarti che la chat sia finita per sempre.


Aziendale su misura
White-Label App

Mantieni sincronizzata l'esperienza utente e l'interfaccia della tua app con l'identità del tuo brand. Ottieni un messenger privato personalizzato che soddisfi i tuoi requisiti specifici.

instant messaging integration via SDK

Get your on-premises business messaging for teams now!

Secure your internal communication with our on-premises secure solution for businesses. With Messagenius your employees are able to communicate rapidly, securely, and efficiently on a daily basis.

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