The Most Effective Communication Strategies for Large Enterprises and 3 Reasons You Need Them Now

Businesses without effective communication are highly dysfunctional. Despite this, so many businesses are still getting communication wrong, as these stats show:  39% of surveyed employees believe people don’t collaborate enough in their organization 86% of employees and executives blame workplace failures on ineffective communication 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as important, yet only […]

8 Benefits of Using an On-premise Messaging Solution for Enterprise

Enterprises have a rising need for rapid communication between teams, departments, locations, clients, and partners. Cloud-based solutions like Slack and Microsoft Teams are popular, but in industries with stringent security requirements, they lack vital functionality for protecting data. As a result, your enterprise may eventually consider whether it should replace or complement its SaaS-based chat […]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a WhatsApp Alternative and the Best Choice for 2022

68% of your employees would use an internal communications app if it worked correctly. They would not use WhatsApp, Messenger, or social media if other messaging apps built for business were available. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app, but it simply does not work properly for business use. Its claims of end-to-end encryption and security […]

What to Learn from the JPMorgan WhatsApp Fines

The SEC and the CTFC fined JP Morgan a total of $200 million for alleged misuse of messaging apps. In particular, the company’s employees seem to have used WhatsApp and other texting services to communicate about the company’s business. Other firms are currently being investigated by the SEC for similar violations. Could your firm be […]

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Secure Messaging: Make Business Communications Safe

If you’re in a large business or have remote workers on your team, efficient communication is vital. But many chat apps put your data at risk—and that’s where secure messaging solutions can help. Why is Secure Messaging important? Most workforces now use chat apps to communicate. But without secure messaging, you’re at risk of data […]

Messagenius: Secure messaging for business

Healthcare Communication Tools: Modernize your Messaging

What Is Effective Communication in Healthcare? When it comes to healthcare, effective communication is concerned with how complex and technical information is expressed in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. That’s why, for communication in healthcare to be truly effective, the messages need to be simple, clear, timely, and discreet.  Healthcare communication needs […]

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9 Ways to Build Transparent and Honest Communication In Your Team

What is Transparent Communication? Transparent communication is concerned with the open sharing of information in a bid to improve an organization and the people who work within it. For example, this could be the board of directors sharing the company’s vision with the whole team, or team members within each department freely sharing their own […]

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Messagenius Awarded the Terna Prize in the SIOS2021 Competition

Messagenius took home the Terna prize at the SIOS2021 Winter Edition Awards on December 13th. Messagenius was recognized for its top security instant messaging software for enterprises and larger businesses. The Startup Italia Open Summit recognizes innovation in startups. The winners were announced at the Open Summit held in Bocconi University. Messagenius won the award […]

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