Instant Messaging for Internal Communications

Struggle to optimise and secure the internal communication among thousands of employees?

Then Messagenius is your solution! The secure instant messaging app for communications among colleagues in any enterprise. Make your internal communications secure, effective, smooth and productive:

  • On-premises, private server or cloud installation
  • Granting encryption keys ONLY to the client
  • Special features for Admins and C-suite
  • SDK integration into other software
department account shared for all department members


Messagenius is 100% GDPR-compliant and Leak-proof.
We don’t involve third parties to store, access or use your data. And Messagenius itself doesn’t have the access to your data.

Everything you expect from a messaging app

Just like any instant messaging app, Messagenius allows your office and remote workers to communicate fast & effectively: send text & voice messages, photos, videos, and docs directly from the field, also sending requests or reporting to the control room to optimise time & efforts:

Text messages
Voice messages
Emergency signals
And much more…
instant messaging app for work, text, files, docs, location, voice messages

Installation privée sur site ou dans le cloud

Quel que soit le type d'installation choisi, Messagenius garantit que les données de votre entreprise sont en sécurité, stockées chez vous et uniquement chez vous. Afin de garantir la sécurité des données de votre entreprise, Messagenius peut être installée :

Sur site, sur le serveur privé de votre entreprise
Sur le cloud privé de votre entreprise
Sur le serveur/cloud de Messagenius créé et dédié à votre entrepriseexclusivement.

Ready-Made for Integration

Integrate Messagenius right out of the box with your existing software tools. Finally, a secure enterprise all in one messenger that simplifies communication throughout different business processes.

Diffusez des messages en masse

Envoyez un message à tout votre personnelen un seul clic. Diffusez des informations à tous les membres de votre entreprise via un unique message à destinataires multiples : "Actus hebdos", "Session de team building", "Mises à jour", "Soirée annuelle", etc.

Discover all our range of features for leaders and C-suite enabling smart management in any workplace.

Votre application pro
entièrement personnalisable

Maintenez une expérience utilisateur en phase avec votre identité de marque. Avec Messagenius, profitez d'une messagerie interne personnalisée qui réponde à vos exigences propres.

instant messaging integration via SDK

Italian technology giant AlamavivA needed an enterprise instant messaging tool that allows for light-speed communication without compromising the security of confidential data. AlamavivA now uses Messagenius as their secure corporate messaging solution, installed on-premise using a private cloud server.

In search for internal communications tools?

Let Messagenius take care of it, making the daily communications among your employees secure, rapid and effective.

Reach out to us, and we will deliver you a tailored instant messaging tool to make your internal communications seamless, even on remote.

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