How Secure Messaging Helps Leaders, Managers, and C-suite

admin features for management and team leaders

Smart, efficient and transparent management is possible.

Secure enterprise messaging has become an important part of any workplace, as IT leaders rely heavily on communication, productivity through collaboration, and smart management. 

These apps allow for streamlining internal and external communication channels, as well as secure data, and ensure enterprises comply with regulatory requirements

While reliability and industry compliance is fundamental to enterprises, IT leaders require messaging technologies that offer administrative control, as well as being user-friendly.  

Through the understanding of the technology, top management and decision-makers can start to adopt a platform that can face the demands of today’s workplace. 

Take a look at how a secure enterprise messaging app can help you.  

Stay in Control

One of the most important aspects when being a leader is knowing how well your team is doing, how productive each department is, and, more importantly, having this detail at the touch of a screen. 

With a secure instant messaging app, you can rely on a Management dashboard, aka your control center.

Here you have a summary of all the interactions and communications between employees, tasks started/completed, incident reports, and more, with the bonus of having all the information graphed and well set out for ease of use. 

This dashboard allows you or an assigned manager to identify bottlenecks in any workflow, especially when it comes to cross-department communication or field workers.

Blast Messages

Another difficult task for admins is getting the message across to all departments, in a direct manner. 

Blast Messages let managers reach all or specific departments without the trouble of searching for particular contacts or worrying that a department gets left out. 

Send Blast Messages through a two-step verification process, so you will not be sending the wrong message out. Ever. 

Message delivery tracking

When having to delegate a large number of tasks to managers or department heads, knowing that your message goes to the right person is key. 

With proof-of-receipt and biometric authentication, your message is opened and read by the right recipient, at all times. 

The sent messages are opened either through the use of a fingerprint or a numerical code/captcha.

An alert is sent to the admin informing them the message was received, opened and read by the intended user.

Priority messages

There are times when things either take a turn for the worst, such as a mistake derailing an entire project or you need to prioritise one task over another. 

As an admin, you can set up “high priority” labels, so particular messages get pinned to the top of a recipient’s screen. 

These priority messages are highlighted to separate them from the rest of your messages.

Admin Control rooms

Admins are required to be in different places at once, and we know that it is virtually impossible. Or is it?

An admin control room is one account for all the operators online, who, apart from having a regular chat list, also have a dashboard from where they manage all the requests and work-related issues.

These chats are displayed in easy-to-read cards, allowing you to view various conversations at the same time. 

Additionally, the live location feature lets you and members of that room know where each field worker is, by displaying messages on a map to easily recognize the sender, as well as deliver blast messages or emergency signals. 

Incident rooms 

Knowing when an emergency is happening in real-time can save lives in a hospital, for example. 

Or when an intern sends confidential information to stakeholders, and a prompt response is required to protect years of hard work. 

An incident room can be opened by any field worker to highlight a problem, and all appropriate contacts are added automatically to the chat room. 

All contacts will have an overview of the issue at the start of the chat: who created the incident room, as well as the role, position, duty, issue category, and the location of the worker creating the incident room. 

Preset tasks help to complete the job and encourage members to see what needs to be done to fix the incident as efficiently as possible. 

Members can pick up one or more tasks by clicking on the preset assignment. 

Once resolved, download the PDF document, which will include participant information, issue type, time-stamped chat history, voice messages transcribed into text, and any images exchanged during the completion of the incident.

Automated task assignment and reminders

Calendars or reminders on your phone can be useful in your personal life. However, as an admin, you need to ensure that there is an easy and effective way to remind a team or entire enterprise of certain jobs.

Through this feature, preset tasks are set up by admins and displayed as an easy to read button. Once a job is picked, a description of the task at hand will appear for the user. 

A notification is then sent to the admin, showing who picked up the task, at what time, and its successful completion.

Availability statuses

Knowing about an incident in real-time is surely useful; however, it is only helpful if you are around to delegate the problem or solve it yourself. 

Let your employees and peers know when you are available via a preset status such as ‘out of office,’ ‘do not disturb,’ or ‘in a meeting.’ Alternatively, customize your very own status. 

Change your statuses yourself and on the spot or set them up for a specific time (1 hour, two weeks, until 4 PM, etc.), after which it will return to the default status: “available” and you can take the lead once again.


Being in control also means understanding when you need to take full control or if it is the right time to let others provide useful insights; otherwise, conversations can get distracting and confusing. 

The Systematise feature allows you to control the conversation and can set up who can read or who can reply to your messages. 

More importantly, you can set this up in numerous chats so you can communicate effectively with different teams or departments and delegate what needs completion.

And finally

In today’s ever-evolving workplaces, IT leaders need a secure enterprise messaging app that not only helps them stay connected but also assists their employees to be more productive. 

The right app will make it easier for high-level decision-makers to deploy and manage tasks based on the scale of the organization today and the size it will grow into in the years to come.

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