Team Communication Apps: How Chat for Business Can Unlock Growth

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When your team communicates more efficiently, it can lead to significant and measurable benefits for your business. The best benefit of all: growth. 

Why Is It Important to Communicate as a Business?

When a team communicates well – and often enough – they can share their ideas and gain a greater understanding of each task they are working on. And when a team and all the individuals working within it know exactly what’s expected of them – as well as each other’s roles – they can complete projects much quicker and more efficiently than they otherwise would. 

How Can Poor Communication Stifle Business Growth?

Unorganized Teams – a team that doesn’t communicate well have no solid idea of why they are doing a certain task… and often, how to perform that task. This leads to individuals guessing what is needed of them, and often getting it wrong. 

Missed Deadlines – when a team has no real understanding of its task through a lack of communication and clear direction, it tends to take much longer to complete tasks. The longer it takes to complete a job, the less likely it’ll be completed in time for the client deadline. 

Poor Team Spirit – when your teams fail to talk with each other, they have no idea how to work together which can result in workplace clashes, hostility, and a lack of camaraderie amongst employees. 

No Employee Responsibility – poor means of communication will lead to team members failing to update their manager on the progress of their work or ask questions when they’re unclear about what they’re doing, which means they are less accountable for their work. 

The Truth About Bad Communication

Here’s what your workforce might be saying about your business:

  • 86% of employees blame poor communication for workplace failures
  • 97% of workers believe and lack of team direction will impact their ability to perform
  • 92% think missing deadlines as a result of bad communication will impact your bottom line


What is a Team Communication App?

A team communication app is an all-in-one communications platform that brings together chat, calls, video conferencing, and more to allow your workforce to communicate more efficiently and effectively. 

What are the benefits of a Team Communication App? 

Brings Your Teams Together

In bigger businesses, teams tend to be located across multiple offices – with some often field-based – and now, some even working from home. With chat for business, your entire workforce can communicate any time of day, regardless of their location. 

Organize Your Workload

With great team communications, your leaders can keep track of every project much more easily. It allows them to track what projects are being worked on, which ones are complete, and which ones are running close to the deadline.

Saves Business Time

A good communications app that allows for quick, instant chat means employees no longer have to get up from their desk to ask a colleague a question, or call a team meeting to collaborate and share ideas, it can all be done in the app – saving a business significant time. 

Positive Company Culture

Teams that communicate well get to know and understand each other better. That means they can work together on different tasks and projects much more effectively, developing a healthy working relationship as a result.

No Loss of Information 

Team communication apps allow you to store and refer back to information when you need to. So if a manager communicates a specific task to their team, this information can be referred to for clarity by team members. The clear goals of each task are readily available and more likely to be adhered to. 

The Ultimate Benefit:

Business Growth

An organization whose entire workforce is fully in sync as a result of efficient communication is an organization that possesses great team spirit, a clear understanding of its business goals, never misses a deadline, and gives its client exactly what they want. And when a happy workforce continually delivers quality work to its clients, it leads to bigger profits and ultimately, rapid growth. 

How Messagenius Can Help Your Business Grow

Team Collaboration

Messagenius’ messaging app brings your workforce together by allowing them to share information instantly and easily. With Messagenius, your team members can send each other text and voice messages, pictures, files, and more – wherever they’re located. Now they can collaborate, share ideas, and solve issues in real-time. 

Control Deadlines

With Messagenius, managers can oversee and monitor all the work flowing through their team. From one central hub – or control room – they can see exactly what needs doing, who is working on which project, and when each job is due. This gives you great control over your work and means you can hit every upcoming deadline. 

Solve Urgent Issues

Thanks to an innovative Incident Room feature, Messagenius allows any worker to initiate an incident room chat which instantly creates a control room account and adds relevant colleagues to the conversation. Together, they can work to solve any urgent issues that occur in your business. 

Easy Access to Vital Information

For your convenience, Messagenius allows you to store all your chat history, so you can refer back to any key information at a later date. For example, all Incident Room chats can be easily exported to PDF so you can see which issues are occurring, who helped to solve them, and how they were solved. Everything is fully stored and accessible when you need it.

Make Your Employees Happy

Happy employees are key for your business growth. Let your team work with the right tools in hands, especially when it comes to the employees communication. Contact us to learn more how our messaging app can boost the productivity of your employees, and make your internal communication seamless and effective.