Secure Messaging: A Guide to Making Your Communications Completely Secure

Messagenius: Secure messaging for business

With more and more businesses offering hybrid or remote working, business owners are looking for more ways to streamline communication between employees.

Data breaches are a business’s worst nightmare. Over the last couple of years, cases of data breaches have been widespread. Here are just a few examples:

This is where businesses see the need for a secure, user-friendly app with end-to-end encrypted messages.

Messagenius offers a messaging platform with all the security features your business needs to protect its communications and data.

What is Secure Messaging?

Secure messaging makes it easier for you to communicate and connect with people without having to worry about your data being breached. The most secure messaging apps use end-to-end encryption, but this isn’t a feature on popular software like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. It’s impossible to know if your files are secure.

For this reason, many messaging apps are upping their privacy game and providing a secure messaging service. Luckily, software service like Messagenius ensures all messages sent on its platform are completely secure.

Some of the key features of a secure messaging app are:

  • End-to-end encryption to ensure no one can monitor your conversations
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Default encryption settings
  • Uses open-source code
  • Doesn’t collect your data

When you use a messaging app with a strong encryption system, your communication will remain private.

What makes a messaging app secure?

You need a reliable way for your employees to communicate through message sharing, group chats and video calling. So what are the key features that your secure messaging apps should have?

End-to-end encryption

The threat of cyber-attacks remains one of the top concerns for any business, no matter how large or small. End-to-end encryption is currently the safest way for you to use messaging services to avoid these attacks happening to you.

Encryption is keeping your personal data or private communication completely secure and only allowing you and the person you’re communicating with to access the information.

End-to-end encryption means that from the moment you type your message until when the receiver reads it, no one else can access the message. It works by ‘scrambling’ the message, and only the sender and receiver have the key to unlock and read it.

Messagenius uses a unique encryption key system. It keeps you in control of private communication and ensures that no one has access to your data except you.

As an extra layer of protection, Messagenius allows enterprises to have multiple holders of encryption keys which splits the control to minimize the risk of a data leak. Messagenius will only allow this access to you as the client and no third party can access your data. This is part of the reason Messagenius is the most secure messaging app for your business.

Self-destructing messages

A great feature of Messagenius is self-destructing messages. You can set a ‘black box mode’ where you can send a message which disappears after a set amount of time.

With the black box mode, you know when, what, and to whom all the conversations have been sent within your enterprise. All messages sent with Messagenius are time-stamped and come with proof of receipt so that you know the intended recipient has received your message.

Default encryption settings

With a messaging software like Messagenius, all messages sent within your enterprise are end-to-end encrypted by default.

All instant messages, group chats and voice messages are secured with end-to-end encryption within its secure chat app.

Open-source code

Open source code means the messaging service is open to outside accountability and auditing by experts. This can be useful to bring attention to any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the software’s code.

Messagenius allows the owner of its product to grant access to anyone who needs it.

Unlike other encrypted messaging apps, with Messagenius, you own your data and have access to all messages sent within your organisation. This makes it easy for you to manage if an employee isn’t around to access their messages.

Data collection

As people are learning more and more about their privacy and the security issues with messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Apple Messages, people are hunting for the best messaging app. It’s a common opinion that Signal private messenger is the best encrypted messaging app for things like private messages and group messages.

However, if you want end-to-end encryption messaging for your enterprise and you want to own your data, Messagenius is the best private messaging app you could use.

Since you own the data that you collect from the messaging service, you can use this any way you like. Messagenius puts you in control of your own data.

Why do you need a secure messaging app for your business?

Secure communication within your business is critical to safeguarding important information used by your employees. It is also crucial in protecting sensitive information, such as customer data, employee data and financial records.

There are many ways in which your business will benefit from using one of these messaging apps. Some of these reasons are:

Data security

As you’ll already be aware, it’s essential that your data is secure. Because of GDPR, businesses are responsible for protecting their staff and client data. By using a safe messaging app, you can rest easier knowing that your messaging app isn’t holding on to your data and therefore increasing the risk of a data leak.

A private messaging app minimizes the risk of an internal data breach as it keeps your internal communications secure.

A data breach can be catastrophically expensive, especially for small businesses. In IBM’s ‘Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021‘, where they offer an insight into factors that can increase or help mitigate the cost of data breaches, they report that £2.7-3 million is the average yearly data breach cost. Using a secure messaging app, you can greatly decrease the chance of this happening in your business.

A significant feature of Messagenius is the self-destructing messages. You can set a ‘black box mode’ where you can send a message which disappears after a set amount of time

Secure messaging apps are safer than text or email

You may wonder what is exactly wrong with the old-school system of sending emails or text messages within your business. However, these methods are certainly not the safest way for your business to communicate.


While it is possible to use a secure texting app that uses end-to end-encryption (like the Signal app or Viber), text messages you send via your phone’s default messaging app are not encrypted messages.

The contents of your text messages can be viewed by mobile carriers. They’re one of the most insecure forms of messaging that can even be intercepted by semi-skilled hackers. 

Therefore, it’s crucial that your employees aren’t using normal text messaging to send text and voice messages. Using a messaging app where your data is secure is the best step you can take to ensure your business’ data security.


When you send an email, you send it to the email provider, who then stores the email for a certain time, then sends it to different email servers. Eventually, the email arrives at the service provider of the person you emailed. Their provider then keeps a copy of the email in that person’s mailbox until they open it.

This process creates the opportunity for any server that your email meets along the way to create a copy of your email and they could keep it for any amount of time.

While some email service providers may encrypt the email for a certain part of the path your email takes, but there is no way to ensure this.

To avoid this risk, you can use Messagenius for secure file sharing and communication within your enterprise.

Messagenius: Your Secure Enterprise Messaging Software

Messagenius is the secure messenger app to incorporate into your business’ software.

End-to-end Encrypted Messages

Messagenius messaging software provides encrypted video and voice calls, as well as encrypted end-to-end, self-destructing messages and file shares.

Use on Multiple Devices

Messagenius is extremely user friendly and can be used on multiple devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet.

This allows your employees to connect with each other at any time or place of their choosing.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

When everyone in your enterprise is using the same messaging app, communication between employees couldn’t be easier. It is possible to connect with and collaborate with anyone in the business regardless of where they are.

Secure messaging software isn’t optional if you want your data to be secure—it’s a necessity. With the increasing risk of cyberattacks, it’s crucial that you secure your internal communications with end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Luckily, Messagenius has the solution for you. It can provide you with everything you need in a messaging app for your business.