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Messagenius secure app for healthcare professionals
December 29, 2021Security, Tips, , , , , , , , Optional

Healthcare Communication Tools: Effective Communication That Has Never Been More Important

What Is Effective Communication in Healthcare? When it comes to healthcare, effective communication is concerned with how complex and technical information is expressed in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. That’s why,...

Messagenius Secure Team Communication
December 23, 2021Tips, , , , , , , , , Optional

9 Ways to Build Transparent and Honest Communication In Your Team

What is Transparent Communication? Transparent communication is concerned with the open sharing of information in a bid to improve an organization and the people who work within it. For example, this could be the board of directors...

December 19, 2021Security, , , , , , , , , Optional

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a WhatsApp Alternative and the Best Choice for 2021

68% of your employees would use an internal communications app if it worked correctly. They would not use WhatsApp, Messenger, or social media if other messaging apps built for business were available. WhatsApp is a popular messaging...

Messagenius, HIPAA compliant secure messaging for doctors
October 13, 2021Security, Tips, , , , , , , , Optional

HIPAA Compliant Messaging: Everything You Need To Know

The minimum fine for violating the HIPAA regulations for text messages is $10,000 for willful neglect of regulations – even if the organization corrects the problem. Can your practice afford the fines for non-compliance? Sending...