Messagenius, the secure enterprise messaging app making work life more secure, smart, and integrated for an interconnected workforce.

Clients & Partners

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Clients & Partners

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Secure. Smart. Integrated

We live by these three simple words to improve the working lives of thousands of people, and to do that, we have created an app we truly believe in.

Simone Giacco & Luigi Fidelio

Who we are

Messagenius is an enterprise messaging company based in both the UK and Italy.

Founded in 2015 by Luigi Fidelio (YTILI Fellow 2019) and Simone Giacco (Top 3% devs worldwide), today the Messagenius tribe is composed of 20 highly skilled people, among the core team and the contractors, committed to creating the “genius” in Messagenius.

What matters to us

Messagenius has a clear mission:

Offer secure enterprise messaging for smart and integrated communications among colleagues, for all types of industries. Messagenius sets the bar high when it comes to data protection, usability, speed, reliability, and compliance.



Banking, Finance & Insurance
Media & Entertainment
Transportation & Logistics
Energy & Utilities
Public Safety & Armed Forces
Healthcare & Pharma

What we do & How we do it

Messagenius runs on your private servers to offer the highest standard of security on the market

It increases productivity with dedicated, smart features, and a system that integrates into any software in use.

With its user-friendly interface and easy usability, along with our dedicated team’s assistance, forget resistance to change within your enterprise.

Private, on-premises installation for data ownership
instant messaging integration via SDK

Tailored approach to every enterprise client

Messagenius is a White-Label solution that gets customised and adapted for any use case

Keep your app’s user experience and interface in sync with your brand identity. Get a custom private messenger that reflects the values and vision of your organization.

What they say

“I have selected Messagenius as a messaging tool for our top national client in the infrastructure industry. The excellent feedback from the end-users and the top managers of the client confirmed that Messagenius was the right choice for security, flexibility, and reliability.”

Alessandro Chierico

Responsible for Infrastructure Development & Maintenance Area


Join the Team

Let us help build a happier, more productive workforce for you too.
We are reshaping the way enterprises communicate with teams of all sizes. Our messaging app is secure, easy-to-use, and highly integrable, but do not take our word for it.

Be a part of a messaging revolution.