Messaging among colleagues that focuses on data ownership and productivity.

Messagenius Desktop and Mobile Secure Chat
Messagenius messaging app for business desktop mobile tablet

Get Messagenius as a STAND-ALONE, branded white-label app.
Or ADD ON secure messaging to existing tools using our SDK. Your choice.

Tailored Corporate
White-Label App

Keep your app's user experience and interface in sync with your brand identity. Get a custom private messenger that reflects the values and vision of your organization.

instant messaging integration via SDK

Productivity-Boosting Features

All you need from instant messaging apps together with enhanced features for work: dashboards, chat exports, #channels, smart contact lists and department accounts. Learn more

Customisable Encryption Settings

Messagenius offers highly granular security settings. This means you can customise the encryption, user access, and file sharing according to your business needs for every member. Learn more

encrypted messaging for business

Black Box Chats


Know when, what, and to whom all the conversations have been sent within your enterprise. Messagenius Black Box Chats are always certified between sender and recipient. All messages are time stamped and come with a mandatory proof-of-receipt.


Black Hole Chats


Protect your most sensitive data with Black Hole chats. Messagenius Black Hole conversations do not pass through any servers and leave no trace of their existence. Set up a timer, and once your message is open, the message always self-destructs and cannot be recalled from the server.


On-premises installation, data ownership to clients
On-premises installation, data ownership to clients
Fully encrypted
Fully encrypted
Special features for managers, broadcast messages, message priority and special alerts
Special features for managers, broadcast messages, message priority and special alerts
Temporary, 007-like chats
Temporary, 007-like chats
Company’s contacts
Company’s contacts
Customisable, white label, integration with company’s softwares
Customisable, white label, integration with company’s softwares



Banking, Finance & Insurance
Media & Entertainment
Transportation & Logistics
Energy & Utilities
Public Safety & Armed Forces
Healthcare & Pharma

Messagenius is ready to support every medical professional facing COVID-19 in the front line.

Now in hospitals communication is a matter of life or death. Contact us to get more information on how Messagenius can assist doctors in accomplishing their mission.

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Clients & Partners

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Clients & Partners

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Logo - UK department for International Trade

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